Friday, March 22, 2013

Why Papa Francis?

Why not a whip of small cords?

Our new Pope has made many statements in the last few days about the poor and the weak in our midst. Yet who is poorer than the unborn child?

However, Pope Francis took no decisive action at his first (inaugural) Mass to defend the poorest among us. And it was arguably the most symbolic of all his Masses, with many pro-abortion political monsters present.

LifeSiteNews reports that Ave Maria Law priest Rev. Michael P. Orsi  took bishops to task for failing to deny Holy Communion to Biden and Pelosi. Rev. Orsi was quoted as saying the following:

It is well known that Pope Francis forbade pro- choice politicians from receiving Holy Communion in his diocese, in Argentina.  Perhaps the new Pope can move this project along?

Really? I have searched and searched and found not one incident where the Pope (previously, as Archbishop) denied Holy Communion. Yes, he made a statement years ago about what pro-abortion Catholic politicians should and should not do about Holy Communion but was there ever any instance when he actually withheld Holy Communion, as per the policy of Cardinal Raymond Burke?

As I noted previously, I fear this is all simply more talk. And while we talk, the killing machine churns. When Jesus could contain his righteous anger no longer, he fashioned his whip and used it. Words go only so far.

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