Friday, March 22, 2013

Drunk Muslim Upholding the Honour of the Prophet

In this op-ed published by Pakistan Today, Hashim bin Rashid, a Muslim, looks at the hypocrisy of the Muslim attack, where a drunken Muslim’s accusations of blasphemy against a Christian man was enough to legitimize the mob’s vengeance against an entire Christian community.

The irony in the ground reality was lost on most Muslim Pakistanis – but certainly not on the city’s 500,000 strong Christian community. Protests began the same day and lasted till Tuesday. But more reason for outrage should have been found. The same police force that stood by and watched 3,000 people loot and plunder Joseph Colony, fired over 500 tear gas canisters on Youhanabad, the largest Christian settlement in the country, with over 4,000 households. Over a hundred Christians were arrested at a point when no one had been arrested for the Joseph Colony mob attack. Policemen in riot gear told a reporter in this newspaper: “These are choorhas.”

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