Thursday, March 14, 2013

Saint Eulogius Exposes Myth of Tolerant Islam

In what way exactly has Islam changed since the days of Muhammed?
Let’s keep our eyes open.

In 859, the clergy and people of Toledo elected Eulogius bishop; he was never installed in that see. His past made him objectionable to the caliph, who monitored episcopal elections. The caliph’s officials knew not only that Eulogius had earlier advised imprisoned Christians, but that he had also hidden a young girl named Leocritia, who had converted to Christianity from Islam. Like many Muslim girls who are abused today for having non-Muslim friends, Leocritia’s parents beat her cruelly to compel her to return to the Muslim religion. She sought the protection of Eulogius, who gave her sanctuary among his friends and family. She was found out, however, and all those who had helped her were brought before the qadi, or judge. When he appeared in court Eulogius denounced Muhammad as a false prophet. He was told that he could recant, save his life, and then resume his position as a leader among the Christians. Eulogius refused; he chose to die for Christ and was soon after beheaded.

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