Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Vice President Biden Receives Communion From Cardinal Dolan UPDATED!

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Surprising? No. Sad to say, this is more confirmation that Dolan is a people-pleaser.

Just more of the same incoherence from Catholic Bishops which sustains the slaughter of the Unborn.

Vice President Joe Biden attended mass and received communion on Sunday at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York where the mass was celebrated by Cardinal Timothy Dolan.

At a time when the administration is being sued by Dolan and the Catholic Bishop’s Conference over the Obama health care provision on birth control, the meeting was seen as an attempt to create a new dialogue.

An Irish American Catholic, Biden receiving communion was also seen as significant. Dolan’s predecessor Cardinal Edward Egan refused to give communion to those who differed with the church on the abortion issue.

Biden says he is pro-life but will not seek to impose his views on others. 

Biden met with Cardinal Dolan after the mass for coffee but what they discussed was not made public.


Michael Voris makes the required statement

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