Friday, July 25, 2014

Professional Catholics Or Pseudo-Catholics?

…a faithful Bishop…needs to gather together all the unfaithful professional Catholics in his charge and summarily fire them at the exact same moment in one fell swoop on a Friday afternoon. Do exactly what happens in corporate America; hence the name Black Friday. When they're in the room the IT manager will be deactivating their diocesan emails. They will be instructed to hand over their keys, their pass cards….
So which is it, professional Catholic or pseudo-catholic?

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Witness The End Of A Civilization

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Yesterday, President Obama signed his executive LGBT non-discrimination order, barring discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity among federal contractors.

Dr. Jeff Mirus describes it as the end.

It seems to be our lot to witness the end of a civilization. We can trace its death to the empire of desire. Clearly, this pleasure principle began to affect us in unusually deep ways with the wholesale separation of sex from life in contraception. Since then, it seems, there has been no turning back. Our deadly divorce from reality now seems all but irrevocable.

Coincidence? There’s that all too familiar reference to contraception again.

You mess with God’s design and you could lose an entire civilization. And people ask me why I have such a visceral reaction to a local “pride” parade and why I’m calling on Bishops to repent of their neglect and disobedience.

My children and grandchildren will have to live with the tyranny of the new social order.

Yours will too.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Take No Pride In Sin

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Today the "Pride" Parade took place in our fair city of St. John's, NL.

See my Twitterfeed (simply glance at the column to the right of this posting) for my remarks throughout the afternoon on the disgraceful event. The parade was the culmination of one full week of "Pride" celebrations, launched with a flag raising on Monday past from both Confederation Hill by our provincial government Justice Minister, as well as from City Hall by our mayor and Councillors. The Telegram captured the "celebratory feel" of the event in their article earlier this week.

Think about it, a very high profile public celebration of sodomy and gender bending winding its way slowly through the streets of St. John's and nary a word of protest from Christian ministers and churches. And, no surprise, the numbers of participants are increasing year by year. If you listen to the conversation on the airwaves you can quickly determine that the LGBT activists are chomping at the bit to get into the schools and get a chance to pervert the thinking of children at the earliest possible stages. As with any kind of evil, corruption and rot, the stuff spreads by infection.

Unless of course, the gatekeepers who—for the most part—claim to be children of light (i.e. Christians) do their duty to resist the spread of the disease by standing firm on the moral law of Christ. But typically there is little of such resistance today from political leaders.

Yes, again, for the proliferation of this kind of public filth, I blame weak Catholic Bishops who promote pseudocatholic beliefs in Canada which give rise to a perverted religion which is actually a cultish enemy of the Christian faith. Most, if not all, of them, neglect to teach the Moral Law and the very important concept of the Common Good. As a result we get highly secularized Catholic politicians who don't have a clue about the values of the kingdom of Christ because their consciences have been no better formed than the average agnostic or atheist with whom they have rubbed shoulders all their lives.

Such as Mayor Dennis O’Keefe, who attended “very Catholic” St. Bonaventure’s College and who paves the way for all the “progress” which the homosexualists make in our city.

In fact, just about all the “progress” made on the social front (abortion, homosexuality, same sex “marriage”, divorce, etc.) in our province and throughout Canada has been pioneered and spearheaded by an inordinate number of Catholics who wind up in law and/or politics often because of an inherited and deep seated Christian ethos of serving their fellow man.

But all to no avail because the Bishops seem to take no interest in shaping and forming the consciences of their flock with solid moral teaching in order to ensure that the Catholic politician makes his/her mark for Christ and not for the Father of Lies.

#WakeUpBishops. They will have much to answer for on Judgment Day.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

America Needs A Genuine Catholic As President

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Catholic Bandita declares that she favours GOP Rick Santorum.

I like the way Rick Santorum comes out strong on fiscal issues – see his new book Blue Collar Conservatives: Recommitting to an America That Works – as his lead argument, but then refuses to back down when asked a question on social issues. He recognizes that the Left is waging a culture war and that we have to fight back to defend the First Amendment and the family as the basic unity of society

I think she makes an important argument about the state of the GOP leadership. She recently covered The Case Against Mitt Romney in 2016 and again made the case for Santorum.

Hopefully Santorum will be better positioned for the Presidential run of 2016. Clearly he is the only Catholic politician in the POTUS contest who reflects, more or less, Catholic social teaching and fidelity to Church doctrine. If I felt the urgent calling to travel to the USA to help any one American presidential candidate get elected in 2016, at this stage it would have to be Santorum.

It really all comes down to the common good.

Toronto Blogging Priest An Ally Of Msgr. Foy On Humanae Vitae

Fr. Denis Lemieux can get very animated by the truth of Holy Mother Church. He just completed a series on Humanae Vitae. I’d like to meet this priest, as I would Msgr. Vincent Foy.

From a recent blog posting:

Sex is a very good thing, created by God and blessed, a power for love and life in this world that is very strong. But fragmented into its component parts, which is exactly what contraception does—the physical pleasure over here, the expression of love over there, the creation of a new life somewhere far, far away—all that inherent power within sex runs amuck, is turned in on itself, and does great harm. Not because sex is bad, but because (to put it baldly) we are bad, or at least somewhat so.

Apparently then, not every Canadian priest suffers from preposterous beliefs.

On Slander, Calumny And Detraction

Lisa Graas @CatholicLisa has a very useful entry on calumny (often called slander) and detraction. Distinctions in this field are crucial.

Very timely…considering I have, at times, been accused of exactly those serious sins.

As you can see, the less someone deserves a good reputation, the less right he has that we preserve it for him, and we may even reveal secret faults if our intention is for the common good and not merely just to damage a deserved good reputation. In the case of someone who is leading others astray, secret faults may be revealed for the good of those who are being led astray.

It is always helpful to know the real definitions of things before we go around accusing people of calumny and detraction. You see, if we falsely accuse people of calumny and detraction, we are then guilty ourselves of calumny.

On detraction, if someone (such as a blogger) reveals something that is true about the private life of a person who is publicly leading people into heresy or sin or some physical danger, and if the intention is for “the common good” or for “legitimate private welfare,” that is not detraction. Just revealing something that was private is not, in and of itself, detraction. It is only detraction if it does not serve the common good or the legitimate private welfare of the person being spoken about or someone else.

Is there a lot of calumny and detraction in the blogosphere? I don’t think so. If there is, however, then the best way to deal with it is to explain what calumny and detraction are and let people decide for themselves if they are guilty, not to accuse people.

Read her full posting here.

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Sodomy, New York City And A Cardinal

Michael Voris hits the ball once again out of the park.

Evil advances for one reason and one reason only…because the Catholic Church is not fighting it. Pope Saint Pius V said “all the evils of the world are due to lukewarm Catholics and Saint Pius X, Pope Saint Pius X, said “all the strength of Satan's reign is due to the easygoing weakness of Catholics. And perhaps most frighteningly of all, for leaders, Pope Saint Pius X, when congratulated by his mother upon his appointment as bishop of Mantua, he replied, “Mother you do not realize what it means to be a bishop. I shall lose my soul if I neglect my duty.”

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Pseudo-Catholics Are Living A Lie

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“Not nice”: the only anathema that the Church of Nice hands down. So the church is gonna have to take a hit and accept that the vast majority of its membership who call themselves Catholic simply aren't. They're already not in union with the Church on a score of teachings but are allowed to continue behaving as though they are. It’s living a lie. A new evangelization needs to appeal to anyone who will listen, who will hear—not  to those who won't face the reality of hell for all eternity.

We have a false religion at work in Canada, as I've insisted many times, thanks to too many unworthy Bishops.

Michael Voris says they're simply living a lie.

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Canada’s Bishops Fiddle While Justin’s Star Rises

Some pundits laugh when the suggestion is made that Justin Trudeau might one day be Prime Minister of Canada. He’s just too much of a pretty boy, not ready for prime time.

But that’s wishful (conservative) thinking. Justin’s star is indeed rising.

Make no mistake about it, as Prime Minister of Canada, Justin will finish what his father started. In fact he’ll go one step better! He’s already proved that. And Canada will sink further into its moral abyss, one engineered mostly by all the “devout” Catholic Prime Ministers who strangely knew nothing about the concept of the “common good” of society.

Nor do all the other rank and file Catholic politicians raised up on the milk of pseudo-catholicism. One wonders whether, in fact, the Catholic Bishops themselves know much about such a concept. According to Karl Keating of Catholic Answers, MOST of them have no knowledge of the writings of Benedict XVI,  John Paul II, or even Vatican II!

A few years ago, during the reign of Benedict XVI, these scholars, a man and a woman, were appointed by the Vatican to high posts connected with a then-current synod of bishops. Working closely with the bishops both before and after they came to  Rome and with the Roman authorities who arranged for the synod, the pair discovered something surprising: most bishops who come to synods are unprepared to teach anyone much of anything.

You, like me, probably think the role of a synod is for bishops to think deep thoughts and to conclude their gathering with published findings and marching orders that go out to the world's many dioceses. That may have been what Rome had expected when synods began to come into regular use some years ago, but realities "on the ground" have upended those expectations, according to the two scholars.

What the Vatican discovered is that the world's bishops—not all of them, but most of them (emphasis mine)—simply haven't done their homework. At this previous synod, it turned out that most of the bishops showed no knowledge of the writings of Benedict XVI or of his predecessor, John Paul II. Many of them hadn't even read the documents of Vatican II! (This was more true for bishops from Third World countries, but it applied to bishops in Europe and North America too.)

How could such unprepared men expect to know the depth of what Benedict and John Paul had been teaching if they never read those popes' encyclicals and their other writings? How could these bishops maneuver well in the modern world if they hadn't even become familiar with what was promulgated at Vatican II?

It proved to be an awkward realization for Rome. The men who were expected to go out and spread the word didn't even know what the word was. And so the synods quietly have become something else. Instead of being sessions at which learned bishops issue teachings for the masses, they now are sessions at which the bishops themselves are taught the teachings.

Maybe this explains why the Catholic Bishops of Canada unleashed such a Pandora’s Box in 1966 when, unbelievably, they declared then-current legal restrictions on the use of contraceptives to be “harmful to public order and to the common good.” Of course that travesty of justice (and outright denial of Catholic teaching) was followed up in 1968 with the rejection of the Pope’s teaching as expressed in Humanae Vitae. Since then a blackout from the Bishops on the subject of the moral law, accompanied by unrestricted abortion, has devastated Canadian society.

During the 38 year reign of renegade Catholic Prime Ministers in Canada the Catholic Bishops didn’t take decisive action to discipline any of them by means of Canon law provisions and Vatican directives. Nor did they make efforts to control the fallout from such severe scandal by rightly molding the consciences of the everyday lay Catholic, especially the politician. Indeed, there’s been a long history of defending the renegades, even, more recently, pretty boy Justin.

And now we hear some Bishops are concerned because of a pro-abortion policy instituted by Justin Trudeau. Was Trudeau’s action really a surprise? It’s impossible to believe that both Trudeau’s priest and his Bishop were unable to determine his position on abortion, if they were interested in finding out. And don’t you think they should have been interested? Clearly, up to this point, nobody with spiritual oversight over Justin really thought his soul was in danger. Again, how is that possible?

But, nevertheless, that’s the current pseudo-catholic paradigm in Canada.

And for the good of Canada’s future, saving Trudeau’s soul ought to be a top priority with the Bishops.