Friday, March 15, 2013

Memorial University of Newfoundland Students Protest Muslim Violence


So why is this getting such little coverage locally? I didn’t see any coverage in yesterday’s Telegram or on the CBC News website. I did an online search but no story surfaced. I do see today a story about Muslim burial grounds in Torbay but nothing else under the banner Muslim. Even in this YouTube video there seems to be great reluctance to identify the perpetrators of violence. Are they Muslims or not? If they were Christians do you think it might have received mention?

VOCM carried the story on Wednesday with a picture of local students. The only reference to Muslim was connecting the story to an Islamic leader who was sentenced to death earlier this year.

The MUN students pictured in the stories are seeking support from Canada and the US in order that pressure might be put on the perpetrators in their home country of Bangladesh. I hope it works. Canada released a statement recently condemning the violence. Once again, the word “Muslim” is nowhere to be seen in the article.

Hindus have suffered a “relentless jihad” over centuries. It continues. Is this jihad coming our way? Silly question.

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Pierre said...

Would you wear a T-shirt with a Mohammad cartoon printed on it?

You might in Montana. Don’t try it in Mecca.


Because, Islam trains a small number of its most devout believers it’s OK to kill. And Islamic killers have been trained to kill anyone who insults Allah and/or Mohammad.

In Montana you’d have a good chance none of these Islamic killers would see you.

In Mecca you wouldn’t last five minutes. One of Islam’s killers would come from out of nowhere and kill you. It is that simple.

You don’t believe me? Ask any Muslim!

Read how violence and fear drive Islam: