Friday, March 29, 2013

Leading Atheist Thomas Nagel Branded a ‘Heretic’ for Questioning Darwinism

The sacred mantra of evolution (Darwinism)—like the sacred mantra of abortion—is not to be questioned. Not even by an atheist!

The philosopher Thomas Nagel is not taking phone calls.

His secretary at New York University says there have been hundreds, all wanting to reach the modern “heretic,” as a current magazine cover labels him, but he is not taking the bait.

All he did was argue in a new book the evolutionary view of nature is “false,” and now grand forces have descended upon him. He does not want to talk about it.

By putting physics at the top of a scientific hierarchy, he argues, modern Darwinism offers a dogmatic system of thought that is intoxicating precisely because it offers the illusion of freeing us from religion.

In his latest issue of Solid Ground, Greg Koukl of Stand to Reason, takes on the subject of Darwinism, specifically as it relates to Christian thinking. His excellent expose may greatly affirm you if you think of your Christian faith as being in some absolute way tied to Holy Scripture, unless you’ve been overtaken by ‘theistic’ imaginations.



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