Sunday, March 31, 2013

Secrets Of The Cyprus Heist

The perfect crime? Franklin Raff reveals mind-blowing sums of money at the center of the mystery. My concern with this unscrupulous “heist” is the damage it does to worldwide trust in governments and banking. It is bound to contribute to the destabilization of the world’s economy.

I have served as a flag-man among the pirates of offshore banking. I know Cyprus well and have sailed into Larnaca in the dead of night, in small boats, on business. But in this story, the good guys and bad guys are not who you think they are.

Let me show you why the plunder of Cyprus is probably one of the most brilliant acts of wholesale theft the world has ever known, why the stolen treasure may be thousands of times greater than has been suggested, and why the names of the victims, and the full value of the loot, will remain a mystery forever.



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