Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Holy Family Parish in Whitby Shelters Pro-Abortion Liberal MP from Church Law

UPDATE :  see update at end of posting.

Sunday past, August 28, 2016, I headed out to Holy Family Parish in Whitby to educate parishioners on Church teaching in regard to pro-abortion Catholics and Holy Communion. Liberal MP Celina Caesar-Chavannes self-identifies as a practicing Catholic and receives Holy Communion at Holy Family parish, yet she publicly supports abortion, euthanasia, same sex “marriage”, LGBTQ lifestyles and transgender "rights". Some parishioners have complained to the parish priest, Father Laszlo Nagy, about this scandalous situation but to no avail.

[Unfortunately scandals associated with Canon 915 are rife in today’s Catholic Church in the West. On the same day that I made my case outside Holy Family parish, a group of fellow Catholics were protesting at the parish attended by US Democratic Vice-Presidential candidate Sen. Tim Kaine. See coverage here, here and here. These Catholics are on the cutting edge of a true reformation urgently needed in today’s Catholic Church. There should have been hundreds, even thousands of Catholics who appeared in that protest.]

Father Nagy shows up in the video at about the 14 minute mark but unfortunately it was not the pleasant type of introduction that I would have wished for. I was obviously still quite agitated at that point by the parish ladies who, just a few moments prior, were intent on knocking over my sign. Sadly, this priest seemed entirely unconcerned with my message and instead inferred, over and over, that I was doing something wrong in using his name on my sign without his permission!!! God help us! We are in a grievous state indeed!!

UPDATED August 31st
Catholic MP Celina C-Chavannes tweeted out the following in the early hours of this morning: