Friday, March 29, 2013

Irish Stew: Where Abortion and National Identity Collide

In this article, perhaps everything you wanted to know about the social drama of Ireland.
What can we learn from this? 
It is certainly a complex question but I'm thinking that when the Catholic Church was at its weakest, secularization made a rapid advance.

When church attendance collapsed, and with it much of the moral underpinning of the state and the culture, lots of people just said: Good riddance. In certain sexual ways, Dublin today is racier than New York. Look at the “Life” section of the Irish Times. It writes up gay dating websites and tells readers where to find a geo-location app that can be used for gay hookups. The headlines in the Irish Independent are similar: “Meet the sex guru who says no to marriage,” for instance. Or “Childless & happy? You better believe it.” Amid the church scandals, Ireland rewrote its legal and its informal rules on sex from scratch.

But abortion has been different.

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