Sunday, March 31, 2013

Muslims Slaughter 50 Christians on Easter Sunday

A man playing the role of Jesus Christ is escorted by guards during a ritual procession re-enacting the death of Christ in Lagos while in Jos more than 50 have been killed after officials pleaded for peace over the easter weekend (Reuters)
This is so shocking. While we here in the West enjoy our peace and tranquility on Easter Sunday, our fellow Christians in other lands, especially Muslim lands, are being butchered. Truly it makes me want to march over to the local Muslim community and demand an answer to the question: "Why are your people killing my people?"

It's Easter so Christians must fear jihad. 50 are dead in Nigeria. When these news stories are written by Muslims the reportage is sanitized and compromised. In this article, the slaughter and ongoing genocide of Christians by Muslims is described as "unrest between Christians and Muslims." Jihad aided and abetted by stealth jihad.

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