Sunday, March 24, 2013

Will Pope Francis Wage War on Satan? UPDATED!

Pope Francis tweeted this message earlier today.

The theme of “Satan” or the “Evil One” seems to be recurring in Pope Francis’ teaching. I think that is a very good sign because there’s nothing more difficult than trying to defeat a real and present enemy whose existence is doubted or outright rejected.

Nowhere do we see the potent hatred of human beings by the Evil One more than in the scourge  of abortion. My prayer is that Pope Francis will take on this fight and do what is required to defeat this evil.

Priests and Bishops with strong beliefs in the devil do things like this.

Real up-to-date surveys on our society’s beliefs in Satan are hard to find.

However there are a few interesting surveys here, here and here.

If you’re looking for deeper stuff on the subject Archbishop Chaput has a piece entitled Politics and the Devil.

An even more detailed study from Catholic Culture library entitled The Hidden Enemy.


Others are reporting on the Pope's emphasis on the "Evil One"

The Devil and Pope Francis

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