Sunday, March 10, 2013

Canadian Catholics 'Ahead' of Vatican on Women, Birth control, Homosexuality

Michael Coren tried to clear up this subject early on.

More ridiculous conjecture from the main stream media, this time the Vancouver Sun. At all costs, say the media, we must “move forward” on “changing some key Vatican teachings.”

But it’s not only North American Catholics who are moving beyond the Vatican. A case can be made that the College of Cardinals is also out of step with most Catholics, including in Latin America, home to 40 per cent of the church’s members.

Before analyzing the entire world, however, let’s focus on some solid Canadian Catholic facts.

Veteran religion pollster Reg Bibby, of the University of Lethbridge, provided the numbers on where Canadian Catholics stand on a host of hot-button issues.

Everyday Canadian Catholics not only strongly disagree with Ouellet about ordaining women, but an overwhelming 78 per cent, Bibby found, believe Catholic priests should be allowed to marry.

The Vatican also continues to officially forbid artificial contraception, like condoms. But Bibby’s polling reveals more than nine out of 10 Canadian Catholics “approve and accept” that married couples, and teenagers, can use birth control.

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