Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Why Margaret Thatcher Is So Hated by So Many UPDATED!

Denis and Margaret Thatcher on their wedding day in 1951

“There’s something frightening about a tough woman with courage and conviction, when all about her the Nancy men are trembling in their Gucci loafers.”  So says Wesley Pruden, editor emeritus of The Washington Times.

But why are liberals and socialists so determined to hate Margaret Thatcher to the very end? Does her death and funeral remind them of yesteryear? Was it that she dominated them so terribly?

My analysis is much simpler. She was, more or less, a traditionalist Christian. She believed truth to be an objective reality. And she believed truth leads to freedom. To the extent that she embodied this worldview—albeit imperfectly—she brought Christ to the world stage through politics. And that explains the hatred.

Margaret Thatcher is getting her revenge on the Nancy men who mocked her in life, and who continue to throw rocks at her in death. Her reputation as “the Iron Lady” who towered over a plastic age is secure, and she’s getting a funeral that her girlhood idol Winston Churchill got before her. Big Ben, the famous clock that towers over Parliament, chiming the quarter-hour since 1859, will fall silent during the obsequies just as it did for Sir Winston nearly five decades ago.


I qualify my posting above with the following illuminating article:

I realize Thatcher supported legalization of abortion. However, she was not a Catholic and that is a significant distinction. The Protestant denominations have compromised themselves severely in many areas of theology and Christian practice. These sorts of compromises take an inevitable toll on the spiritual formation of religious followers and so the culpability of all politicians is not equal.

The interview described in the link above seems to indicate Margaret Thatcher's views on abortion were limited and qualified in nature.

Also see my later posting.


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