Sunday, April 28, 2013

Compassion For The Mothers, Death For Their Children

Fr. Tony Bidgood, Associate Pastor and D. Min. (Candidate) at St. Teresa Catholic Church in St. John’s intercepted me this morning while I held abortion signs outside his parish church just before 10:30 AM Mass.

He took strong exception to my presence. His argument: Forget that little children are being torn apart limb by limb or suctioned out of the womb in a mishmash, that’s not the pressing point. What’s important is to protect children from the scary pictures of their contemporaries who weren’t as lucky as them and to maintain compassion, love and forgiveness for the mothers.

Watch the video. Did I summarize the priest’s point accurately? Notice that he admits they do not pray at Mass for an end to abortion. It's all private setting stuff: wouldn't want to upset anyone.

This is why the killing goes on in silence and in the shadows.

P.S. The reading material which I gave Father Bidgood was a copy of this.


Suzanne said...

So the question is:

How did the kids react? :D

ELA said...

I watched the reactions of many people, including children. I didn't notice any adverse reactions. Also, never did a parent approach me, at any of my protest locations, to voice concern about the graphic picture. Then again, I think kids see more graphic and gory things on TV and in video games.