Wednesday, April 17, 2013

UPDATED! Justin Trudeau Gambles On Staying Positive But Betrays Dangerous Attitude Toward Terrorism

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Our new Liberal leader vows to reject a political attack strategy. On the surface this appears to be commendable but I think a definition of “political attack” is in order. What about if it means exposing the truth about the opposing candidate’s position or views. Shouldn’t that be a good “political attack”?

However, Justin Trudeau proves himself to be a true liberal when it comes to grievance based violence. “Terrifying” says @FaithGoldy.

On his first full day as the new leader of the Liberal Party, Justin Trudeau sat down with the CBC’s chief correspondent Peter Mansbridge to talk about the ambitions he holds for himself and the country.

Already the target of the Harper government regarding his judgment and experience, Trudeau acknowledges that negative attack ads work.

“Mr. Harper has a majority government today because of the politics of negativity and division,” he says, but points to the cynicism about politics it breeds.

“Once Canadians no longer believe that there is any good in politics, they no longer feel we can work together to solve the challenges we’re facing, and that is my fundamental motivation, how do we work together as a country to solve the big challenges we’re facing.

Faith Goldy ‏@FaithGoldy noted in a Tweet: “WATCH @ 13:11 as Justin Trudeau gives his TERRIFYING answer to what he would do in a terrorist attack as PM. “

I understand her concern. It seems as though Trudeau has the notion that we really need to try to understand our enemies and try some new approach in order to get along. Our enemies have grievances, they’ve been marginalized, mistreated perhaps, etc. etc. This is a typical liberal worldview. And it’s dangerous.

Ezra Levant weighs in.

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