Monday, April 15, 2013

Pro-Choice Blogger Admits Gosnell Trial Buried to Protect Abortion

Let’s face it, if it becomes necessary for society to choose between protecting abortion or the lives of women and children, then the choice will be made. Our society MUST have abortion. 

For fifty years it has been woven into the fabric of our society. The Supreme Court confirmed abortion to be "necessary" for relationships based upon contraceptive sex. Does anyone really expect that we will return to the days of a ban on contraceptive devices? No. Therefore killers like Gosnell will be protected until the heinous and graphic evidence of his/her crimes reaches a radioactive level and then as discreetly as possible will be moved off the scene.

They don’t want people to associate abortion with such barbarities. They don’t want people to know that it’s not unusual at all for babies to be born alive after an abortion – and then summarily killed. They don’t want to cover horrific stories that portray abortion negatively.

And while it’s obvious that the lack of regulations and inspections of Gosnell’s clinic played a major role in the horrors he perpetuated on women and babies, McArdle still points out the truth: that pro-choicers oppose restrictions and regulations because it might restrict abortion. It’s better for women to quietly suffer under the Kermit Gosnells of the country than have life-saving regulations in place, and inspections to ensure that abortions are being performed safely. Stories like this one must be buried, or women might not get abortions anymore. More pro-life legislation might be passed. And they just can’t have that.

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