Saturday, April 06, 2013

Baby Left to Die in Calgary Dumpster Had Cigarette Butt Stuck to Forehead

Heartless. Demonic.

The baby left to die in a city dumpster was covered in blood and afterbirth with "an extinguished cigarette butt stuck to his forehead," when he was rescued, court heard.

During a police interview that lasted at least seven hours, the woman accused of leaving him there told a detective she had known she was pregnant with that child before he ended up in the trash.

What an awful, revolting crime! How is it that a society can treat its most vulnerable, helpless members with such hatred, ruthlessness and callousness?

Some will say, yes, it’s too bad—even shocking—but it doesn’t happen often so let’s not make more of it than it really is.

Is that so? But what about the worst things we do to the other 100,000 victims every year in Canada?

God help us out of this hellish pit of personal “choice”.

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