Monday, March 17, 2008

Visit of Pope Benedict XVI to USA Less Than a Month Away

Benedict XVI will be making his long awaited first trip to the USA on April 15-21, touching down in Washington, D.C.

CAN reports that the Vatican Press Office has now published the itinerary for his visit.

There are also indications today that the Pope will make an issue of fidelity in his address to Catholic educators, including colleges and universities. Dissent from official teachings of the Church in academic circles is a problem of enormous proportions in North America.

A recent article I read which addressed this major concern was very helpful to me. Perhaps the reader will benefit from it as well. Keep in mind that it was written over ten years ago and I have read nothing to suggest that the question of fidelity has improved at all since that time.

If we know anything about this Pope, it is that his message will be unambiguous and quite pointed—as it should be, I believe, considering what is at stake. By this time the Holy Father has a very good idea of what it is that Jesus Christ, Son of God, wishes to say to the people of America at this stage in their history and, as His representative, Benedict XVI will be carrying that message.

I suspect that the Holy Father will also make strong and clear points on the subject of respect for human life, as he has on many previous occasions. In fact, it seemed to me that the Pope came out swinging on his trip last year to Brazil, zeroing in on pro-abortion politicians on his flight to Brazil and then shortly after even linking and condemning contraception in the same breath! Needless to say, there was real controversy generated and the usual push-back.

I won’t be at all surprised if the Pope’s visit has a significant effect on the US Presidential elections—if for no other reason, then at least because of increased debate generated on the issue of legalized child-killing in the US. Both Democratic candidates in the race for President, Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, are extremely pro-abortion in their platforms.

Watch for the sparks to fly!

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