Sunday, March 09, 2008

Demographic Winter is the Fruit of Sterile Sex

Have you discovered

They claim to be “navigating modern complexities” and in my opinion their articles are above average if not exceptional.

One of their current pieces is by Don Feder who covers some Q&A on a sobering new documentary film entitled Demographic Winter: The Decline of the Human Family.

Feder claims the

film aims to wake us up to the fact that the decline of the stable, intact family over the past four decades threatens whole societies with decline and chaos.

But what I find strikingly absent from the discussion is any mention of the only true remedy for falling birthrates: the defeat of the contraceptive mentality. There was no indication in the article that the documentary covered this phenomenon.

The practice of sterile heterosex is a shockingly taboo subject in our society.

And as long as it remains so, the coming chaos is inevitable. Why bother making such a film if the reluctance to discuss the root cause of our demise is insurmountable?

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