Thursday, March 20, 2008

More Relativism from Canada’s Culture Warriors

Yesterday, from recommended links at No Apologies

STD’s and Liberalism

There were some startling new stats released in the US last week on the rate of incidence of sexually transmitted diseases among teenagers, especially teenaged girls. The numbers are shocking. Today, we link to two columns which both essentially argue that the numbers are a direct result of liberal attitudes about sex education, and about sex in general. Great ammunition if you need to convince some of your liberal friends of the error of their ways.

My question?

Why single out liberals for the error of their ways over sex education when conservatives have been defending contraception—which is the root cause of our present crisis of deformed "safe-sex" mentality—for at least an entire generation?

When will I stop my alarmist rhetoric on this subject?

When would you stop yelling for help if you were drowning?

Furthermore, when will the moral relativists stop harping about homosex and Islam and start focussing on a strategy that will actually make a difference? We all know the problem is precisely the birthrate so why are we dragging our heels?

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