Monday, March 17, 2008

Changing the Contraceptive Mentality

Suzanne, at Big Blue Wave, shared a few of her thoughts on my recent article which appeared on the Vote Life, Canada! blog and which was entitled “It’s Not the Homosex, Stupid.” That posting also appeared on Contra|Diction!
Eric at Vote Life, Canada! says that the root of our culture war is the acceptance of the contraceptive mentality. Conservatives, by accepting sterile sex, are complicit in fueling those very things they oppose.

I do agree. However, I think that moralism will only go so far on this point. I think that we are so compromised, we, as a culture don't get it-- at all.
Click through on the link and read the rest of her posting, which is only a couple of paragraphs. I’d like to see much more discussion on this critical subject.
Another superb example of the tunnel vision of conservatives in this area was seen in Saturday’s column by Marsha West, entitled “Sexually transmitted diseases are a result of liberalism.”
Make no mistake about it though: Marsha did an outstanding job of surveying the vast landscape of liberal deception surrounding modern “sexuality” which has so devastated our society. However, as I argued in my article, most Christians today and certainly conservatives like Marsha, seem entirely blind to the most devastating deception ever launched by liberals—the normalization of sterile sex.

When may we expect to hear Marsha tackle the subject of that "most unnatural wickedness?"

And one last reference to the matter of contraception: John Pacheco has posted Retract the Winnipeg Statement wherein he publishes a draft of
the letter to be sent out to all Latin Rite bishops of the Catholic Church on March 31. It calls for the retraction of the Winnipeg Statement, among other measures.

It covers a lot of ground and my signature is in there somewhere with the other 999 signatures on the petition.

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