Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Delayed Reaction to Popular Movie Juno Looks Deeper into Cultural Morass

Remember when “Juno” was all the rage with pro-lifers and conservatives in general? Why, even the pro-aborts were condemning and lamenting it. So it must have belonged to our side, right?

Perhaps we just needed some time for the movie magic of Ellen Page to wear thin before we came to our senses. This week Phyllis Schlafly and Jean Strauss go a little deeper.

Thanks Hollywood. Keep us enthralled and entranced—even while we go down for the third time.

Face it. We're being fooled and the vast majority of the time we haven't a clue as to how. We think as long as we can see an enemy we must be on the right side of things and we've just got to keep on fighting.

But there's only one enemy...and he's not visible.

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