Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Strictly Links in This Posting—For Better Than Average Reading

Here are some interesting, better than average stories and links farmed from my surfing. I don’t have time to blog about them but they’re worth passing along to you.

Help yourself.

A cafeteria Catholic’s confessions MAGGIE MARWAH

Canada orders ministry by Christians shut down

Into the Font, Into the Fold
Posting by Rocco Palmo on Easter baptisms and conversions to the Catholic Church

The Church needs priests who live authentic obedience, says Peruvian bishop

Staggering changes taking place in religion in Ontario's Bible belt

Immigrants fuelling church revival in London Ontario
But is it really a “revival” or is it simply an influx? This one I’d really like to look into deeper and put together a post—if only I had the time. Lots of good stats in this story.

How comic books ruined the nation
Comic Books Ruined Our Nation Too? In addition to contraception, of course. :)

Missionaries from Canada a dying breed

Pure Fashion is an outgrowth of Challenge Clubs, groups for girls in Catholic churches

Shocker: Pope urges students to have personal relationship with Christ
Just kidding. It’s not really so shocking at all. It’s authentic Catholicism at work.

Bush to Welcome Benedict XVI at Airport

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