Saturday, March 15, 2008

Archbishop Prendergast Following in the Footsteps of Archbishop Raymond Burke?

I wish.

But we can’t rule it out. Perhaps what Dr. Mirus said a few days ago is true. Perhaps we are seeing an emerging trend and we’re “on the edge of something great, something prepared by God Himself in response to the suffering prayers of countless faithful,” a Wave of the Future.

In any case, Ottawa’s Archbishop Prendergast is ratcheting up the rhetoric and stirring the hornet’s nest a little more. [See two previous posts this week.]

In a lengthy news report from the Ottawa Citizen yesterday, entitled “Catholic MPs stand ground on abortion despite threat,” we were all reminded that the Archbishop
told the Citizen last week that politicians who "obstinately" support access to abortion should be refused communion. He reiterated his position in a radio interview this week.
What did the Citizen do?
The Citizen asked nearly three dozen Catholic MPs to respond to the archbishop's remarks. Ten of them -- seven Liberals and three Conservatives -- did so. The rest either didn't respond or refused comment.
Click through on the link and read some of the unflattering things said of the Archbishop by “Catholic” politicians. Some accused him of blackmail; some said forcing religious views on politicians was doing them a disservice; others advised him that politics and religion don’t mix. [Read the latest official Church statement about the latter claim here.]

Bottom line?
Regardless of their views of the archbishop's position, virtually all the MPs agreed that it would not influence their stance on abortion.
LifeSiteNews got an exclusive interview with the Archbishop yesterday and what a surprising set of his statements indeed! Good Grief! The Archbishop was sounding like the Archbishop of St. Louis, the Rgt. Rev. Raymond Burke, whose record I briefly reviewed in this posting. He even emphasized the crucial role that denial of Holy Communion played in the reformation of the sinner’s ways, a key component of A/B Burke’s education strategy in this controversial matter. Archbishop Prendergast described this as the “medicinal measure,” which indeed it is.

He also emphasized the importance of the Church’s role in this matter in coming “to the assistance of those who serve the public good.” And then finally, a truly unusual and distinguished conclusion to the interview: an Archbishop in Canada discussing the concept of scandal:
If one were to allow Catholic political (or other public) figures to freely espouse abortion without drawing to their attention that this is a grave evil," explained Archbishop Prendergast, "other believers might be tended to accept this, not knowing any better and be led on the wrong path: that is what 'scandal' is. One must do everything possible to prevent others from falling away from the path of Christ - i.e. from being scandalized.
Yes, this is plainly and simply age-old Catholic teaching, but how rare these days to hear a Canadian Bishop discussing the subject when Catholics, especially politicians, have been so busy scandalizing Canadians for decades by their defiant attitudes towards official Catholic teachings. When a Bishop raises this issue, one must wonder where it will end—which is why so few Bishops will be found uttering the “s” word.

Archbishop Burke, on the other hand, makes the “s” word one of the strongest planks in his platform for shaping and reforming Catholic thought in his diocese and in America.

It will soon be time for the Archbishop of Canada’s capital city “to do or to die.” A showdown of sorts is coming. Will the Archbishop act, or will his words soon vanish into fresh Canadian air as he settles into the politically correct chair of his predecessor?

It’s time to write that letter to encourage Archbishop Prendergast to push forward his own “Wave of the Future” and begin to change the moral landscape of Canada.
I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.
[Matt 16:19; Matt 18:18; and in communion with the Holy Father]
Archbishop Prendergast: Do you believe it?

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