Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Sex Expo Spices Up The Weekend

We’re seeing troubling signs of a continuing descent of St. John’s into the gutter. This past weekend residents were “treated” to blatant public promotion of sexual perversion at the Risque Sex Expo at the Remax Centre in St. John’s.

Hundreds of people passed through the doors Saturday and Sunday at $25 a ticket to take in the first such sex expo held in the province. And whether looking for a little love potion, some new lingerie or sex toys, or to view the stage performances that included fashion shows, pole dancing and hot booty contests, the crowd seemed to enjoy the overall atmosphere.

Michelle Clarkson, event coordinator, said 22 exhibitors set up booths at the centre, and all but four were local companies. The exhibitors included companies focusing on such things as sexual health products, cosmetics, erotic books, lingerie and sex toys.

“There are a lot of fun people in Newfoundland and we are trying to bring some energy and more fun things to Newfoundland,” Clarkson said Saturday evening. “I wanted to make this a fun event and a little risque, so if you are into sex tips and learning more about yourself and your sexuality, see some fashion shows, get some eye candy, it’s definitely the place to be.”

Men and women 19 years and older attended the event — the majority in couples. Clarkson said reasons people attend vary, right from simple curiosity to finding out how to add some spice to their sex lives.

...People purchased lingerie and other products, and some people bared their bodies or parts thereof for body paint. Some people took a swing in one of the sex swings on display as their friends stood by giggling.

And yesterday and today we see CBC featuring reports on the striking rise of prostitution in St. John’s. It really is a sex trade, from descriptions given, and the tales are grim indeed. See video below.

Remember when religious leaders had some real influence over the moral affairs of their towns and cities? Not coincidentally those were the days when clergy clung fiercely to doctrinal truth and had not yet compromised themselves through modernism.

Slowly but steadily their influence and authority has waned to the point that they are unmoved by and resigned to the sexual immorality and perversion taking place around them—even the brutality of abortion—yet strangely affected by issues like employment insurance.


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