Friday, May 03, 2013

FLASHBACK: Betrayal by Catholic Bishops Quickens Secularization of Society

Check the news today…every day. The West crumbles and we appear to be powerless to stop it. Moral chaos, including rampant homosexual rights and pornography, looming economic collapse, creeping Islam, losses in religious freedom and freedom of speech, erosion of constitutional rights, waning international influence and credibility: THESE ARE ALL CONNECTED.  

I don’t believe in fate and I don’t believe God wills for us this kind of demise. However, in God’s economy, actions produce consequences and wrong actions produce—at the least—painful consequences. We are straying tragically from the path of God and we are experiencing tragic consequences, i.e. the breakdown of our society. Only God knows whether we’ve passed the point of no return.

God has direct representatives here on earth, those in the lineage of the Apostles, whose duty is to instruct and exhort in the ways of God. These representatives, the Catholic Bishops, have remarkable influence—far more than we can imagine—in the world, particularly in our Western society which traces its institutions and worldview predominantly to Christianity.

Warning is a function of exhortation and beyond a shadow of a doubt, we need the clearest and strongest possible warnings. They will not come except from God’s prophets and in our day, those prophets are none other than the Bishops. I will continue to make this case because unless the people of God rise up and demand holy and fearless leadership from their shepherds, all will likely be lost for our civilization and like Greece and Rome we will be replaced with a more worthy successor. Chances are—and if history is any judge—such a replacement will be revealed in the midst of great upheaval, war and destruction.

Will Christians secure the attention of God and His governors, the Bishops? Will their cries reach Heaven and the cathedrae of the Bishops? First must come repentance.

"Who is going to save our Church? Not our bishops, not our priests and religious. It is up to you, the people. You have the minds, the eyes, the ears to save the Church. Your mission is to see that your priests act like priests, your bishops like bishops and your religious act like religious."


The following was a press release issued in 2007 which provides in vivid detail one snapshot of the alarming failure of Catholic Bishops in Canada to preach and teach God’s Word and the true Catholic faith which is the only formula for godly character formation. Such failure consigns our nation to a continuing degradation and injustice which threatens the hard earned, God-given prosperity of our great nation.

Vote Life, Canada! Decries Honours Heaped by Montreal’s Cardinal Turcotte on Chief Justice Antonio Lamer, One of Chief Architects of Canada’s Culture of Death

Toronto, ON December 11/Christian Newswire—The recent funeral of Canada’s former Chief Justice Antonio Lamer was presided over in Montreal’s Cathedral by Cardinal Jean-Claude Turcotte who described Lamer as "a giant of the law," claiming that his passion for justice would make the whole world more peaceful and serene and intimating that his form of justice pleased God.

“What scandalous remarks were these and other absurd comments made by the Cardinal,” protests Eric Alcock, President of Vote Life, Canada!  “This event illustrates well the case made in our “Open Letter” that the Catholic Bishops of Canada are sustaining and fostering a pseudo-catholicism which has overtaken Canada and fatally blinded the vast majority of Catholics to the true tenets of Catholicism.”

The truth says Alcock, is that “Lamer practically denied the concept of Common Good, as set forth by Church teaching, and pursued his own perverse notion of individual liberty and autonomy as a democratic right, thereby denying God’s true justice.”

“Incredibly, by his own testimony at times, he sought to divorce legal considerations from morality, the Judeo-Christian tradition, and the absolute law of God, urging Canadians to accept the secular nature of Canadian society demanded by the Charter of Rights. This is the secularization link to which Catholic Bishops like Marc Ouellet appear blind, a link which starts in every Bishop’s own diocese through a failure to adopt a faithful (to official teachings), comprehensive and determined approach to Catholic catechesis and exacerbated by a serious neglect of Catholic discipline mandated by the tradition of the Church. Both failures make it impossible to prevent—and rout—the radical anti-life and anti-family politics or ‘democracy’ espoused by renegade Catholics like Lamer.”

“A solid orthodox Catholic faith would have uniquely positioned Lamer to guide Canada safely through the choppy complex waters of Charter interpretations for the greater Common Good of Canada,” observed Alcock. “But his pseudo-catholic faith, imbibed and lived out approvingly under the tutelage of Canada’s pseudo-catholic Bishops, led rather to the dismemberment of millions of unborn children and also the intense assault on family and marriage.”

Alcock maintains that Lamer’s spurious Catholicism and the nation-wide scandal it spawned ought to have provoked the firm rebuke and correction of some Canadian Bishop aiming to preserve the Common Good, protect the innocent and defenseless and save faithful Catholics and other Christians from devastating confusion. According to Catholic teaching, scandal is defined as “an attitude or behavior which leads another to do evil.”

“The fact that not one Canadian Bishop is on record addressing this long term national scandal testifies to the pervasive and spiritually corrupting effect of pseudo-catholicism. The lukewarmness, heresy or in some cases outright rebellion against official Church teachings by Canada’s Bishops has clearly left them susceptible to gross deception and manipulation by the devil.

“What a grievous time in our nation’s history when the most urgent and charitable work in Canada is to summon Catholic Bishops, the God given shepherds of our nation, to flee the wrath of God and return to the true faith.” 

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