Wednesday, May 08, 2013

March For Life: "It’s A Girl" Should Not Be A Death Sentence

Press Release

The provincial peaceful and prayerful March for Life will be Thursday, May 9, 2013 at 12:30 pm Confederation Building in St. John’s starting in the east parking lot. Facebook gives indication that anti-life agitators may be present. This is in solidarity with the national March for Life in Ottawa, which saw 20,000 participants last year, and those happening throughout Canada. The theme is: "It’s a girl" should not be a death sentence and addresses sex-selective abortion.

In May 1969, abortion was ushered into Canadian society causing in excess of 3,000,000 deaths. Canada has devolved into the company of North Korea and China, the only other nations with absolutely no restrictions on abortion. Where all others recognize the human rights of abortion victims to some degree, these three refuse to show any compassion. The hardheartedness of Canadian law is now so extreme that a baby can be killed for simply being the wrong gender.

Championed 44 years ago as an advancement for women, abortion is the exact opposite. For the pregnant woman, it could mean coerced abortion with the threats of unsupportive partners wanting to shirk their responsibility. For the abortive woman, it means misinformed decisions. For the post-abortive woman, it could mean a host of possible physical and mental complications. For the preborn girl, it could mean death, especially if she is from a family culture preferring boys over girls.

In September 2011, an Environics poll found that 92% of Canadians opposed sex-selective abortions. In January 2012, an Angus Reid poll found that about two thirds of Canadians would favor laws prohibiting sex-selective abortions. In June 2012, an investigative CBC report on 22 Canadian private ultrasound clinics found the majority allowed ultrasounds purely for sex-selective reasons. Reports highlighted cross-border American ultrasound clinics directly advertising to cultures in Canada favoring boys over girls. The Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada spokesperson Dr Michiel Van den Hof stated "we do not at all condone sex selection by pregnancy termination. And we oppose it vehemently."

Following this news, politicians from all parties proclaimed their support for preborn baby girls and their opposition to the practice of sex-selective abortion. Even the NDP, which often garners support from the abortion industry, stated "it has no place in our society" because it reflects deep inequalities. Unfortunately, due to the entrenched abortive mentality of Canadian society, M - 408 by Conservative MP Mark Warawa addressing the topic was deemed non-votable by a House of Commons committee in April 2013.

The pro-life movement is encouraged to hear that there may be anti-life agitators at the peaceful and prayerful March for Life in St. John’s as they were present at previous events. It is unfortunate that they would express sentiments that would support sex-selective abortion. However, their presence is encouraging as it shows that the pro-life movement is growing and can no longer be ignored. It is just another indication that Canada is ready for a debate on abortion and its various topics, including sex selection.

Patrick Hanlon
Pro-Life NL
"Building a Culture of Life ...Upon this Rock."

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