Friday, May 10, 2013

NL March For Life 2013: Report

Yesterday at 12:30PM a small contingent of faithful pro-lifers marched to the Main Entrance of the Confederation Building—the provincial government headquarters—in St. John’s NL, in solidarity with the national March for Life in Ottawa, which saw an estimated 25,000 participants this year.

Anti-life agitators were present, as expected, and they were quite boisterous and rude, desperately trying to drown out our message to the Premier and our prayers to God through their chanting and mocking by loudspeaker. Because the word was out to the media that there would be counter-protestors a-plenty, naturally all the reporters and photographers were present to record the “showdown” and produce a spicy segment.

In past years rarely, if ever, have counter-protestors showed up at this event.  Perhaps it’s true, as the Pro-Life NL press release noted: “However, their presence is encouraging as it shows that the pro-life movement is growing and can no longer be ignored. It is just another indication that Canada is ready for a debate on abortion and its various topics, including sex selection.”

As of this posting, only VOCM had released a report on the March and The Telegram posted this pic in today’s paper.

 Video to come.

Unfortunately, Archbishop Martin Currie of St. John's will not lend support to this event, nor will the Knights of Columbus send an official contingent (they haven't for years). It appears this type of event is too public and controversial and rather than work for unity in the pro-life cause in NL the Archbishop has chosen to take sides with a passive pro life group which is the deformed progeny of the once effective and long established Right to Life Association of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Rather than take any bold initiatives to defend the Unborn, or condemn abortion, or advocate for an end to abortion, this group makes its statements in private, away from the glare of lights and cameras. Granted, they are doing a good work in helping mothers who have experienced abortion and I wish them every success, but to receive official sanction from the Archbishop--to the exclusion of other pro-lifers--is simply a continuation of the Catholic Bishops' pattern of further marginalization of outspoken pro-life advocacy.

In addition, my sources indicate that the leadership of this new group of passive pro-lifers can be quite outspoken themselves on matters they consider urgent. Recently they issued a strongly worded press release distancing themselves altogether from those pro-lifers who wish to make public statements and appearances voicing opposition to abortion, even though the event in question has been a staple and signature demonstration of pro-life activism in our province ever since pro-life work was first undertaken here.

And in the meanwhile, unborn children continue to face the knife while Catholic Bishops challenge the injustice of Employment Insurance changes by government. Apparently they have no time to agitate against the injustice of abortion. When was the last time you saw them on camera lamenting legalized child killing?

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