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FLASHBACK: It’s Time For Pro-Lifers To Change Their Strategy In Canada

The article appearing a few paragraphs below was written in June 2007. It could easily have been entitled “Catholic Bishops Refuse to Take Action to End Abortion” and just as easily it could have borne today's date.

Nothing has changed. Catholic Bishops continue to engage in their own selective campaigns of social justice while unborn children are slaughtered in the womb. The numbers prove nothing has changed: 100,000 of God’s little children each year put to death in Canada before they see the light of day.

Ever since the Catholic Bishops of Canada compromised themselves and Church teaching in the 1960’s to give the nod to government to facilitate widespread practice of an intrinsically evil deed, contraception, the way was paved for abortion. There was no turning back. And there has been no definitive repentance.

Speaking to Peter—and the Apostles—Jesus said: And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.”

On that day of betrayal a great demon was loosed on Canada by the disobedience of Catholic Bishops and it continues to ravage our birthright and our nation. Until they repent and bind that same demon Canada will not escape further desolation and the continuing judgment of God.

Don’t look to Prime Minister Harper to change the law. Don’t expect some new and grand project by the pro-life movement to break the back of the demon. Don’t expect the marvels of modern medical science to sway the masses to ban the graphic horror of abortion.

Look to the parties who opened the floodgates and who alone have the power and authority to close them, at their will. It was God’s promise to the Apostles and their successors. We do believe that, don’t we?


PRESS RELEASE: Vote Life, Canada! 
June 2007

It's Time for Pro-Lifers to Change their Strategy in Canada or the Toll on Babies will Continue

How more obvious can it be? Why should this report from LifeSiteNews surprise anybody?

Yet pro-lifers seem surprised. I think they are like ostriches with their heads in the sand. Ever since Canada's new abortion paradigm in Canada (1969) they are trying to convince themselves that Catholic leaders in Canada are on their side. Every now and then a Bishop will throw a bone to the local pro-life organization to keep them quiet. Some bishops actually give an annual diocesan grant to the local "life extremists" so they don't have to take up a diocesan wide collection and bring attention to the "controversial subject" every year.

We've lived with abortion in Canada for nearly 40 years. Do the Bishops of Canada have a plan to deal with abortion? No. They simply pretend it isn't happening. With few or no exceptions they won't pray or organize for the Unborn and even resist efforts to expose abortion for the horror that it is.

The fact is that legal abortion could be thoroughly routed—and at any time they choose—by the Bishops in Canada. All that hinders is a concerted effort to live up to their role and duties as Bishops and a determination to follow through on Church teaching. I won't argue this claim since many [especially pro-lifers] will think it to be preposterous but all I will add is the additional claim that by a vast measure the Bishops are still the most influential and authoritative group in Canadian society, yet they won't even bring up the dreaded "A-word" subject.

This makes them out to be imposters and hypocrites. Sorry that's not polite but pro-lifers really don't want to face the truth so at some point it must be said bluntly. Perhaps one or more Canadian Bishops are truly one in heart, mind, and practice with Jesus Christ and His Church but honestly I don't see or hear much evidence of it. (Immediately comes to my mind someone like American Archbishop Burke whose example shines of a Bishop in true unity with Christ and His Church.)

If there were one such Bishop in Canada, wouldn't we hear the voice of Jesus protesting more often, even against the apathy and disobedience of brother Bishops? But no, sticking together like glue is more important than announcing the truth. Wouldn't we see a diocese growing spiritually [and numerically] as a result of the proclamation of the true faith, more especially the Church's holistic teaching on sexuality, including contraception? But no, it's more important for the Bishops to present a false picture of solidarity with the Pope and with the Magisterium than to admit the truth.

Yesterday Vote Life, Canada! issued a press release to ask Archbishop Collins of Toronto to address the scandal of pro-abortion Catholic politicians Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty, one who boldly announces he is a dedicated Catholic and the other who thinks he knows more than the Pope about being Catholic and has no problem taking the Pope to task. What is the response from Archbishop Collins or from any other Canadian Bishop? Nada. Ignore the affair.

What other pro-life leader called for the Archbishop or any Bishop to address last weekend's scandalous appearance and the comments of two of the most high profile Catholic politicians known to Ontarians and Canadians? I guess pro-lifers in Canada are tired and worn out.

Unfortunately that's not the way to save unborn children.

One pro-life organization even highlighted in a story the address made by Archbishop Collins on the same day as the Toronto scandal yet said not a word about the appropriateness of the Archbishop dealing with the scandal.

I guess we can't expect too much from the Toronto Archbishop, even though he clearly said a few months ago that he would seriously consider excommunicating unrepentant pro-abortion Catholic politicians. Maybe he meant he'd do it, but only in secret. In the news story the Archbishop said we should look to the saints for examples of holy Catholic living but I noted he didn't say look to the Bishops of Canada.

Nobody else has called the Archbishop on his words, nor does it look like pro-life leaders are likely to do so. Perhaps like Bishop Henry he is seen to be a strong ally. But with strong allies like this, Canada's Unborn certainly don't need enemies!

And presumably Vote Life, Canada's press release was a too strongly worded condemnation of the Bishops for pro-life organizations to get behind. Not one such pro-life voice in Canada that I know of was lifted in support of Vote Life, Canada! in its call to the Bishops to address the latest scandal. [The scandals just seem to get worse as time goes on, don't they?]

And today pro-lifers are reported to display incredulity and disgust at the Bishops. Heads in the sand again? After a forty year record such as we have in Canada, what was everybody hoping for...another bone from the Bishops like the one thrown by the prelates of the UK?

Last weekend's Toronto scandal, and the G8 scandal, are simply two more examples of the Catholic Bishops of Canada resuming their cowardly policy of leaving the defense of innocent Unborns to a persecuted minority of pro-lifers, a minority which is being more and more labeled as ‘fundamentalist and extremist,' while the Bishops get off scott-free.

And now they expect to do the same thing with a bold united voice in all G8 countries at once. Welcome to the pro-life movement of the 21st century!

As long as we accept bones (or nil!) from Canada's Bishops we will see no turnaround in Canada's abortion holocaust nor will we see any biblical ground gained in the fight for the family. In fact, the descent into barbarity will continue and in all likelihood, escalate.

If we wish to save the Unborn, we shall have to start facing the truth about ourselves and about keeping the Bishops of Canada accountable.

It's time to change pro-life strategy in Canada.

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