Friday, May 10, 2013

Philadelphia Abortion Clinic Horror Of No Interest To NL Media

On May 3 I forwarded a letter to the editor of our local St. John’s, NL newspaper, The Telegram. I inquired as to whether I could expect it to be published but I was informed that they have a backlog of letters and could not say if, or when, it would be published. I contacted them again just two days ago to inquire because as of yet it still wasn’t published, although other, more recent letters from the public have been published.

As a courtesy, I held back from publishing my letter on this blog until it had been published by The Telegram, but since hope is fading, I offer it to my blog readers.


 Philadelphia Abortion Clinic Horror of No Interest to NL Media

42 days since the Gosnell murder trial started in Philadelphia. Shocking revelations of gruesome killings, severed limbs, drownings, bagged body parts and human remains forced into a sink garburator.  All perpetrated by a medical doctor and his staff. The jury begins deliberations this very day.

 What’s that? You never heard of Dr. Kermit Gosnell? Well, no doubt it’s because your only news source is The Telegram, NTV News, or CBC. Too bad because, as is often the case, these liberal, progressive minded consensus media types decide for you what you need to hear about—and what you need to be protected from. Apparently the assembly line butchering of born alive babies—older than the state's 24-week legal limit—from botched abortions is for some reason not newsworthy.

 Kermit Gosnell, 72, is on trial for capital murder charges involving the deaths of several babies which were unsuccessfully aborted and instead were born alive and viable, but subsequently killed with scissors at his busy Philadelphia “clinic”. Chilling testimony was given of children screaming after delivery only to have their spinal cords snipped by the doctors and staff in what was described by witnesses as all-too-common “beheadings”.

 The major news networks in the US and Canada have been strangely silent—or near silent, with a few exceptions. Few have permitted the utterance of Gosnell’s name. During some of the most shocking court testimony over the past two weeks I tweeted on more than one occasion to local media hoping to prompt some coverage of #Gosnell but my search on local news sites still shows zero results. Clearly, news networks are drawn to criminal cases with gut-wrenching, horrific details but why not to this news story?

 If a story about innocent babies being treated worse than sick dogs or pigs in a slaughterhouse can’t make it to page one, what does it say about our media masters? Perhaps it doesn’t line up well with the political agenda of the “pro-choice” liberal elite but is it too much to ask for simple news coverage? Perhaps The Telegram and other local media are counting on silence and the smoke of time to cloud the story and dull the impact of the sensational trial. Will that make the heinous sub-culture of abortion go away?

 Or perhaps our media are simply helping us avoid the dreadful reminder that the brutality of abortion is, in every case, “intimate, personal and permanent.” More to the point, the Gosnell case bares abortion to the bone, forcing us to ponder that a man could possibly face the death penalty for doing the most evil things to fellow human beings that are only minutes and inches removed from everyday legal sanction.

 How’s “choice” working out for everyone in this appalling story?

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