Friday, May 17, 2013

Letter To The Editor: Defund Abortion

Collette Fleming, former Executive Director of the Right to Life Association of NL, had her letter published today in The Telegram.


In listening to reports coming out of government these days about the province’s financial situation, I am reminded that just a few short years ago that same government was boasting that we were a ‘have’ province.
This same government now insists that our province is in a deplorable financial state which has resulted in large numbers of layoffs. This greatly impacts the lives of those affected, as well as the economy as a whole. There are cuts to education; there are cuts to health care services, which leave us in a most undesirable position. People in need of dental services, special medications for illnesses, etc., are left without access to these medically necessary health care services and treatment.

With all the drastic measures government has made, it is difficult to understand how, in this environment, our government can justify continuing to fund abortions under our health care programs, paid for by our publicly funded MCP program. Our government should cut the funding of abortions services in the province. It is unthinkable that we are paying for the destruction of unborn children in the womb with our taxpayer dollars. The numbers of abortions and resulting destructions of the unborn child in the womb is rarely done as a medically necessary procedure. Therefore, our government would be better served to discontinue abortion funding at both the hospitals and at the private clinic where abortions are performed.

By increasing the funds at government’s disposal in saving the tax dollars spent on abortion procedures, we would be in the favourable position of offering health services to those in need of medically necessary procedures, while at the same time possibly increasing our population which is in peril because we are not replacing as required. We are an aging population which is being acknowledged by our government creating a position to attract immigrants to our province. Why not try to save our children from abortion?

Collette Fleming 
Mount Pearl

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