Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Hate Speech Laws Are Making My Moral World View Illegal

Blogger Lou Iacobelli laments Canada’s obsession with equity and diversity.

So, today's malady of morally misguided compassion, sensitivity and empathy will no doubt continue to spread. Human Right Commissions and so called "hate speech" laws are making sure that there are no objective meanings to words like "truth," "arguments" and "standards." Words and actions are self-defined. "Rights" have become personalized and subjective. Should anyone question what anybody else thinks and does, there's legislated "hate speech" to silence and bring those who disagree into conformity. There's never anything wrong when everybody has a "right" to be and do whatever they want. Society has given itself the power to decouple from nature, from truth, from its past and any objective and meaningful discourse. Political correctness trumps all.

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