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What Catholic Bishop Is Watching Over Justin Trudeau’s Soul?

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Justin Trudeau is a renegade Catholic. Who is looking after his soul? Who is helping him to bring his actions in line with the objective truths of the Catholic religion?

We have a right to know because he is a public figure and he claims to be Catholic while engaged in scandalous conduct by words and actions. We have a right as Catholics to know that those ordained of Christ to preserve, protect and teach the Faith are, in fact, dealing with the scandalous behaviour in the manner specified by the Church under Canon Law.

As always, souls are at stake in any controversy over Church teaching and therefore this is a very serious matter indeed. If we care about our Catholic Faith and about the Gospel of Christ and about the Kingdom of God we must insist on an entirely congruous and complete resolution to this question of Trudeau’s conduct. To back away from the issue is to cede the ground to the enemy who would like nothing better than to see more souls scandalized and lost to the Faith and also to see the Faith misrepresented and maligned by the enemies of Christ.

To say nothing of the continued political and societal consequences of our tragic approach to abortion law in Canada, i.e. at least 100,000 dead children annually.

Who exactly is Trudeau’s Bishop? May we even know the answer to that question? Why doesn't some media person directly ask Cardinal Collins that exact  question?

Somebody suggested that it is not Cardinal Collins, whose recent letter to Justin Trudeau, in my opinion, fell far short of a Bishop’s response to a pro-abortion Catholic politician claiming adherence to the faith. Perhaps it’s Archbishop Prendergast of Ottawa, but in any case, why should it be such a secret?

I understand why perhaps 100% of the establishment Catholic media want to give Cardinal Collins kudos for writing his letter to Trudeau (and why my posting and tweets enraged some). The Catholic Bishops, as a whole, have been extremely reticent to go on record with ANY public statements to politicians, even Catholic politicians, for decades. So I suppose any statement will be seen as outstanding. Particularly for pro-lifers, the Cardinal’s reference to “the most vulnerable among us” grabbed our attention, refreshingly, and seemed hopeful.

However, that’s simply a case of not seeing the forest for the trees. To prove my point, ask yourself, what happens if Trudeau backpedals completely on this conscience controversy and returns to the old status quo? How does that help the pro-life cause in Canada? Right. It doesn’t change a thing for what unborn children must face tomorrow in Canada.

What’s at stake here is redress for an ACTUAL daily death toll of innocent human beings, not simply more of the status quo of political knee-jerk reactions from Catholic Bishops. We are not interested in a political statement on conscience or the qualifications for political office, or anything else for that matter which might be interpreted as a bone to pacify noisy pro-lifers.


That can only happen if the Catholic Bishops exercise their full authority in obedience to Christ and His Church, which, up to this point, they have failed miserably to do in regard to binding the demon of abortion in Canada. That is not some ethereal make-believe possibility but a series of concrete actions in real time and space based upon Church law. To put it in sharp focus, the Most Reverend Rene Henry Gracida, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, explains the process and the rationale for dealing with the souls of renegade Catholic politicians hell bent on defying Church teaching, actually providing a powerful case history.

Granted, many if not all, our Catholic Bishops will first have to do much soul searching and repentance themselves before they are spiritually prepared to fully implement Church law but why delay? It’s not only the souls of wayward Catholics at stake here. It’s their own souls as well.

Bishop Gracida’s instruction is quite specific. If you follow my argument thus far, perhaps you’ll take a few minutes and read this document to see how respectful, loving, orderly and effective the process can be to restore public sinners to repentance or at least curb the scandal, maintain a virtuous Church and keep our children safe from conception through to birth.

[If the PDF document does not open properly, go here to read same contents.] 

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