Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Fear Of Economic Blow As Births Drop Around World

Thanks to the ready availability of Sterile Sex, we move one step closer to civilizational collapse with each passing day. Pope Benedict warned that it was dangerous to legalize contraception but of course he's just an old man who used to wear red shoes.
The 2008 financial crisis did more than wipe out billions in wealth and millions of jobs. It also sent birth rates tumbling around the world as couples found themselves too short of money or too fearful about their finances to have children. Six years later, birth rates haven't bounced back.

For those who fear an overcrowded planet, this is good news. For the economy, not so good.

We tend to think economic growth comes from working harder and smarter. But economists attribute up to a third of it to more people joining the workforce each year than leaving it. The result is more producing, earning and spending.

Now this secret fuel of the economy, rarely missing and little noticed, is running out.

"For the first time since World War II, we're no longer getting a tailwind."

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