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Imagine A Conversation Between Cardinal Collins And Adolph Hitler

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We expect so little of Catholic Bishops.

Yet God entrusts them with the most urgent and consequential of tasks, really the gravest mission in the world.

Think about that for a moment. Why then do we expect so little?

Obviously Catholics are in the forefront of my thoughts at this moment. I’m sure non-Catholics as a whole have even less reason to expect much from Catholic Bishops, even from the Pope.

In short, I’m steamed and dismayed at the recent dust up between two Catholics: Cardinal Collins and Justin Trudeau.

In our society, nobody forces somebody else to be a part of a club or organization; still less, a part of a church. Likewise nobody forces Justin Trudeau to be a part of the Catholic Church. It can, and has, been clearly shown by many competent authorities that he is a renegade and a traitor to the Catholic Church. His own words place him directly at odds with the weightier moral tenets of the Catholic faith and condemn him unequivocally. This rejection of basic teachings places him prima facie outside the Church; however, he continues to claim publicly that he is a Catholic in good standing. Such a contradiction provokes scandal in the public arena by bringing into question the good conduct of faithful Catholics and by encouraging social structures that lead to moral decay and corruption.

The Canadian public is justifiably confused by Trudeau’s actions and this confusion gives rise to much controversy and even a misrepresentation of the Catholic faith, both of which can further scandalize the nation.

May this predicament, which threatens the souls of those touched by the scandal, be resolved? Indeed, yes, and with immediate and powerful effect through a clear, comprehensive statement from the competent Church authority, i.e. a Bishop. However, to date no Church authority has issued a legal decree formalizing a judgment against Justin Trudeau, even though Church law mandates that for the sake of the soul of an obstinate sinner, appropriate steps MUST be taken.

But make no mistake about it; Cardinal Collins’ letter to Justin Trudeau was not a pastoral one at all. It did not address him as a Catholic nor did it make any official Catholic judgment against his behaviour, let alone prescribe any discipline.

Furthermore, the Canadian Bishops have taken no such Church-mandated steps EVER with regard to the highest level politicians of our land.

Up until PM Harper’s election, except for a five month break in 38 years, "Catholic" Prime Ministers have managed the affairs of Canada. Every one of them without exception has flouted Catholic teaching on sexuality through their pro-contraception, pro-abortion, pro-sodomy agendas. And every one of them considered themselves good Catholics and regularly presented themselves for Holy Communion. During that 38 year reign of social devastation and spiritual ruin too many Catholic Bishops failed to take steps to deal with this epic scandal. Despite the fierce defiance of Catholic teaching exhibited by the Prime Ministers there is no record of even one single occasion when a Catholic Prime Minister was denied Communion.

Through their decades old inaction, and their continued inaction in this Justin Trudeau debacle, they actually sustain the scandal taking place in Canadian society and they fuel the killing of innocent children growing in their mothers’ wombs.

What do the Catholic Bishops imagine that Justin Trudeau will do if he rules over Canada some day as our Prime Minister? Will he do better than the last pseudo-catholic Prime Minister? Isn't it time now to help reform the man's soul and try to salvage our nation from the ever expanding culture of death?

Yet it appears to me that very few individuals in Canada grasp the connection between the cowardly actions of our Bishops and the sustained mass murder taking place in our nation. Even when a controversy arises such as the one described herein between Cardinal Collins and Justin Trudeau, media and even religious reporters are quick to characterize the Cardinal’s letter as some sort of a pastoral letter of correction. Again, how little we expect of Catholic Bishops! Apparently this is the best our prelates can do according to the vast majority of Catholics who have drunk the Kool-Aide, so to speak.

[Although, to be fair, Faith Goldy is one of the finest and boldest reporters on the Canadian television scene and seems to be doing most of the heavy lifting on this news story.]

Even pro-lifers rush to praise (but only because they hear so little from the Church hierarchy when these three tags collide: abortion, politician, Catholic Bishop). Some, though, are in the know.

Really, I can’t blame the average Canadian too much, even the pro-life ones. We are a culture so far disengaged from God in the public square for so long that we have lost sight of how [or even if] the mind of God can touch and transform the kingdom of man. One wonders what we as Christians really envision when we pray, “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven.”

A friend sent me the [satirical] comments of a fellow Catholic on the Cardinal Collins affair. It helps to bring much needed focus to the conversation.

Cardinal Collins was saddened by Adolf Hitler's decision to murder all the Jews in Europe.  "It's a regrettable decision on his part", said the Cardinal.  "I pray that he reconsider this.  I regret his decision very much.  I urge him to consider dialogue with the Jews instead, avoiding all polemics", said the Cardinal.  When asked if faithful in Germany should regard it as a sin to vote for Adolf, the Cardinal replied, "Absolutely not!  One must consider all the issues when casting a vote", said the Cardinal.  "One candidate might regrettably favour mass murder while another one is just as bad owing to his refusal to enact the Guaranteed National Income or his refusal to reduce carbon emissions by two per cent".  When asked if Adolf should consider himself excommunicated for these murders, the Cardinal said that the Code of Canons did not impose* an automatic excommunication for mass murder, and the bishops would not consider imposing such penalties on his Nazi supporters.  "Excommunication is such a harsh and extreme penalty", said the Cardinal, "and refusing to allow them to receive Holy Communion would be counter-productive.  Instead, we are praying that they will accept our invitation to dialogue with them.”

Last week, when several Nazis escorted some religious to the gas chambers, the religious proposed that the guards engage in dialogue with them instead.  To their surprise, the guards 'declined' the invitation and slit their throats on the spot.  "Do you think that dialogue is working on these Nazis?", the Cardinal was asked.  "It's too early to say", replied the Cardinal.  "More time is needed to assess the process.  I am saddened by this incident with the religious, and I equally regret the decision taken yesterday to arrest and exterminate all the religious in Germany.  The bishops both here and in Germany will implore that the Nazis consider alternate policies but we urge the faithful not to regard them as unelectable owing to these incidents.  Now is not the time for rash decisions", said the Cardinal.

* well, actually, in fact, there is (Canon 1397)

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