Thursday, May 15, 2014

Letter To Justin Trudeau From Cardinal Collins Fails Catholic Test

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It’s an interesting letter, well written and making some good and relevant points...

But that particular letter just as easily could have been written by a politician or as a letter to the editor by Joe Q. Public. In fact, since Trudeau announced his new restrictions last week there have been a multitude of Canadians who have done exactly that, weighing in on the subject, making the same points as the Cardinal, through various media, letters to the editor, blog postings, etc.

But the Cardinal is not a politician; he’s the Vicar of Christ for Toronto. He was commissioned by Christ to go after men’s souls. And what has the Cardinal said to Trudeau about his soul? Has he ever said anything to this public sinner, obstinately persisting in manifest grave sin? Has any other Catholic Bishop in Canada? Has Trudeau ever been talked to about the precarious position of his soul in light of his public support of abortion? Has he ever been denied Holy Communion? Have any steps whatever been taken by the Bishops to address the scandal caused by such anti-Catholic, anti-God, anti-life public pronouncements and positions?

And what if he becomes our next Prime Minister? What then, eminent Bishops?

Even a letter to Justin Trudeau from a fellow Catholic on the street would have demanded strong rebuke and a severe warning for the good of Trudeau’s soul, if indeed the Catholic were in tune with his faith.

Justin Trudeau, just like his father before him, is a renegade Catholic politician who claims to be a devout, practicing Catholic.

But rest assured, a great many pro-lifers in Canada will give the Cardinal high marks for sending his letter, as though he has fulfilled the duties of his office and done all a Catholic Bishop can be expected to do.

Thanks for the bone Cardinal.

The more things change the more they stay the same.

And speaking of the same, tomorrow, another 300 unborn children will be torn apart by legal abortion in Canada largely because of laws introduced and sustained by the actions and rhetoric of “faithful” Catholic politicians…while Bishops looked on.

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