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Archbishop Prendergast Resign: Part 2 The Catholic Voting Bloc

In the matter of the ongoing scandal involving “Catholic” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, I have insisted that Archbishop Prendergast step aside to make room for a worthy, obedient Bishop for Ottawa. At all costs the devil's stranglehold on Canada's "Catholic" Prime Ministers must be broken.

Part 1 can be found here. What follows is part 2 of my argument.

Part 2 The Catholic Voting Bloc
How many Catholics voted for Trudeau in this past election because the Archbishop failed to act decisively and to send the strongest possible signal under Roman Catholic law to all Canadians that Justin Trudeau was a renegade Catholic in danger of losing his soul and that no faithful Catholic could possibly cast a vote for such a politician and still remain in Communion with Holy Mother Church? The enforcement of Canon 915 is intended to do precisely that (and more) and is the “medicine” (Archbishop Prendergast’s own words) that such Catholic politicians need.
An old and wise saying reminds us that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. However the Bishops of Canada, including Archbishop Prendergast, do not seem to believe that. Look at Justin Trudeau today, as PM of Canada. Would you say that he is more or less manageable by his religious leaders today than a month ago when he was simply one of 338 Canadian MP’s? In this matter, all Canadians witnessed an act of gross negligence by the Catholic Bishops of Canada and, in terms of the Canon Law of the Catholic Church, an act of malfeasance.
Catholics in Canada certainly represent what can be described as a swing vote when it comes to weighty matters of Canadian politics, as this article from 2008 illustrates. In a very recent LifeSiteNews article entitled How the Catholic Church helped Canada elect its most pro-abortion prime minister in history Lianne Laurence says:
And on October 2015, it seems, traditional Liberal voters returned to this Liberal Party in droves.
While election demographics aren’t yet available, Fonseca suspects that Catholics went back to the Liberals “more so than any group,” citing an Angus Reid poll released late in the campaign in which 55 percent self-identified “practicing Christians” said they intended to vote against the Conservatives.
Fonseca bases his assertion on several factors, one being the “powerful” Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association (OECTA), which lobbied hard via its influence and “aggressive robo-calling, to encourage its 45,000-plus teacher members in vote-rich Ontario to vote against the Conservatives.”
He also points to the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops’ “disastrous Federal Election Guide that largely reads like the campaign platform for the Liberals and NDP,” and “assiduously avoided saying the word ‘abortion’.”
Archbishop Prendergast was part and parcel of that disaster, as I described in my August 22 blog posting entitled Canada's Favorite "ProLife" Bishops Endorse Failed CCCB Election Guide:
Other prolife and faithful Catholics have also weighed in on that subject with valuable insight, exposing just how seriously deficient the CCCB Guide really is and pointing out the most egregious omission: cogent voting advice to ensure pro-abortion politicians do not gain power. The peculiar thing is that even those Bishops who are the honoured “champions” of the prolife movement seem to be quite content with promoting the CCCB Election Guide without further commentary or supplementary resources.
My intention was to expose the fact that even “prolife” Cardinal Collins of Toronto and “prolife” Archbishop Prendergast of Ottawa, as well as “prolife” Bishop Henry of Calgary, were each featuring prominent links on their diocesan websites to the CCCB Election Guide, without urgently needed qualification and supplementation. Of all the parties in Canada who should be pulling out all the stops to prevent a rabid pro-abortion politician from gaining access to the most powerful political office in Canada, the Catholic Bishops ought to be wearing themselves out doing just that. Instead, they can’t muster a basic and effective document that guides 44% of Canadians who identify as Catholics to actually vote Catholic at the voting station. This abysmal record extends back in time for decades and indirectly results annually in the deaths of at least 100,000 preborn children.
Any such voting guide or programs to educate Catholics on voting according to the Common Good, as espoused by the Roman Catholic Church, don’t have to mention any political parties or politicians’ names, or advocate for one party or the other. However they will very effectively assist Catholics in avoiding a vote for a politician—yes, including any so-called “Catholic” politician—whose position is contrary to the Catholic faith and/or the common good.  
In a re-posting of an Open Letter to the Catholic Bishops of Canada issued in 2007 I stated,
There is perhaps no greater example of the dereliction of duty of too many Bishops to halt the killing of Unborns in Canada than the failure to mobilize the Catholic voting bloc in Canada. Legal protection for unborn children necessitates a political, legislative solution, a fact evident to even the least politically savvy of Canadians. Roman Catholic Bishops in Canada exercise moral authority over a formidable voting bloc of nearly 10 million Catholics and yet after nearly forty years of "legalized" child killing in Canada there is no indication whatever that Catholics have been guided by the Bishops to effect this political change in Canada through even the simplest of voting strategies, one solidly founded on basic moral principles yet not centred in partisan politics.
Why must such a campaign—mobilizing the Christians of Canada to vote effectively on behalf of securing legal rights for the Unborn—fall to some marginalized pro-life entity? Surely, if the Bishops had a will to stop the child killing in Canada, a focused and comprehensive Canada wide, diocesan wide, strategy to engage every Catholic to cast a vote for legal protection of the Unborn would have yielded long ago a complete halt to the killing. In the rare case where Bishops have been found to do anything in this regard it has amounted to a poorly organized, last minute, ineffective scramble. God have mercy on those Bishops for their failure in this most practical of all ways to end the holocaust of the Unborn. Their inaction for decades makes them substantially culpable in the deaths of millions of unborn children.
Nothing has changed in 2015 and now we have another “Catholic” Prime Minister at the helm in Canada, one who is arguably the fiercest, most emboldened, pro-abortion, pro-homosexual, pro-same sex “marriage” politician to arise on the national stage, and yet one who has managed to avoid the censure of Catholic Bishops for all the anti-Catholic positions named. His only official public censure by a Catholic prelate has been in relation to a political statement he made that restricts the conscience rights of his party members.
A democracy has only one means at its disposal to assure a just and peaceful future for itself and for future generations. That means is none other than voting in general elections for candidates who are best qualified to pursue the common good of the nation. How tragic and disgraceful that Catholic Bishops are willing to risk our future and that of our children by avoiding the hard choices of their office through dissent of official teachings and in more practical ways through withholding vital information from the national interest. Of all bodies in the service of the public, Catholic Bishops, through the vast resources of Mother Church, possess the very counsel of God and the most compelling two thousand year array of philosophy and doctrine upon which to build the foundations of a just and peaceful society. Yet our Bishops have squandered their authority and their trust in this regard in their handling of dissident and rebellious Catholic politician Justin Trudeau. God’s judgment upon them for such calamitous failures must surely be severe.

The Archbishop of Ottawa, the Most Reverend Terrence Prendergast, SJ, has not yet distinguished himself from that group of weak, cowardly and dissident prelates that rule over Canada and keep her on the downward march to oblivion. The evidence for this assertion is plainly before our eyes: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau continues to tout his Catholic bona fides and to partake of the Sacred Body and Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ without restraint, interdict or penalty. 

Part 3 to follow: Archbishop Prendergast Resign: Part 3 But He's A Good Bishop!

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Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

Thank you.
I am unable to say anything more. It is very painful to watch all of this unfold.
Our bishops don't fear God. Do they believe in Him?