Sunday, November 01, 2015

Ottawa Archbishop Prendergast Forthwith Return Thy Mitre

December 2012: Pro-life activists picket outside the Sudbury
 Catholic District School Board

UPDATED: In the matter of the ongoing scandal involving “Catholic” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, in this posting I have insisted that Archbishop Prendergast step aside to make room for a worthy, obedient Bishop for Ottawa. 

My detailed argument is made in other postings :

Yes, I am calling for the resignation—forthwith—of Archbishop Terrence Prendergast of Ottawa. This prelate has utterly failed in his duty towards the soul of Justin Trudeau, a self-professed Catholic and our Prime Minister-Designate, and in his duty to redress nation-wide scandal arising from the manifest, obstinate and persistent denial of grave Catholic truths by PM Trudeau, most particularly his rabid pro-abortion stance. Furthermore, Archbishop Prendergast, through inaction, has failed also in his serious and solemn duty to protect the Eucharist from sacrilege on every occasion that Justin Trudeau presents himself for Holy Communion. Last but by no means least, Archbishop Prendergast has recklessly played with the forces of evil in this nation by failing to discipline Justin Trudeau at the earliest possible stages in order to contain the awful damages likely to be sustained in Canada should he accede to a higher political office (which he has) and advance the culture of death in shocking and profound ways.

If this prelate does not resign his most worthy office and make way for a worthy successor, I call upon all Catholic faithful to offer up fasting, prayers, petitions and devotions to bring His Excellency to immediate public repentance and action to remedy, as best as can be currently accomplished, his failures in precipitating this grave national crisis. Should these implorations prove ineffective in the immediate short term, I call upon the Catholic faithful to beseech the Lord to remove him from office by the power of His Holy Spirit, through sickness, affliction, griefs, sorrows or other severe and divine actions, as a sign to his successor and in order to break the devil’s stranglehold on Canada’s “Catholic” Prime Ministers who are empowered from cradle to grave by too many spiritually blind and cowardly Bishops.

A follow-up posting will go into the necessary and greater detail demanded by such a severe adjuration. In the meanwhile, for the good of our nation and the protection of countless innocent lives, prayers and appropriate spiritual exercises are urgently requested.


Anna Sze said...

Archbishop Prendergast was thought of by many as an 'orthodox' prelate...what has he allowed in Ottawa? Please check the St. Joseph's scandal...this is yet another scandal, and so many prelates are following suit. We are all invited to God's table, BUT, not all of us can partake in the feast, there are CONDITIONS, they are called the Commandments...."those who love me, obey my Teaching...follow my commandments.." Every bishop, priest who administers Holy Communion to people who stand for everything anti-catholic, thus causes a scandal, they show the world that there is no need for repentance, THIS IS A LIE ! Oh Lord deliver us from this evil !!
Ela, please email me,

ELA said...

Thanks for leaving your comment Anna. I will be posting a series of arguments defending my call for the Archbishop to resign or be removed.