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Archbishop Prendergast Now the Tip of God’s Spear in Canada: Part 1

In the matter of the ongoing scandal involving “Catholic” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, I have insisted that Archbishop Prendergast step aside to make room for a worthy, obedient Bishop for Ottawa. At all costs the devil's stranglehold on Canada's "Catholic" Prime Ministers must be broken.

What follows is part 1 of my argument. 

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Part 1: The matter of history
Seven years ago, back in March of 2008, after certain public statements by Archbishop Prendergast, I wrote a blog posting entitled “Archbishop Prendergast Must Go the Whole Nine Yards” in which I said:
I don’t rate the Archbishop‘s comments as very newsworthy really. His carefully worded statements might have sounded tough but there were no teeth in them at all. In fact, in a very important sense, his words misrepresented the teaching of the Catholic faith, which insists that the Minister of Holy Communion has a solemn obligation to deny the Eucharist to those "Catholics" who continue to obstinately reject Church teachings.
Several days later the Archbishop was interviewed on CFRA radio about his statements of the previous week. This generated another flurry of media attention, as well as another posting from me, wherein I hoped for some clarification:

We should try to get assurance from him that he will tackle the problem of pro-abortion “Catholic” politicians in accordance with Church teaching, i.e. following the example of Archbishop Raymond Burke, as I touched upon a few days ago. Anything less simply won’t be effective.

If the Archbishop won’t agree to stand in full accord with the instruction of the Magisterium on this matter, you can expect this whole incident to blow over in a week or two and not a thing will change.

One week later, amidst the inevitable dust up that followed, the Archbishop’s rhetoric appeared reminiscent of that of a giant among faithful Bishops, the Pope-grade Cardinal (then an Archbishop) Raymond Burke. So much so that I remarked in a posting entitled “Archbishop Prendergast Following in the Footsteps of Archbishop Raymond Burke?”:

 It will soon be time for the Archbishop of Canada’s capital city “to do or to die.” A showdown of sorts is coming. Will the Archbishop act, or will his words soon vanish into fresh Canadian air as he settles into the politically correct chair of his predecessor?
Yet a few days later I posted again on some of the reaction from Canadian religious leaders.  My core thoughts were these:

I do think that Archbishop Prendergast has planted some rare and hopeful signs of change in his recent outline of Catholic teaching concerning pro-abortion politicians who call themselves “Catholic” but he will have to quite literally move some of the gates of hell which have been positioned in Canadian society over the last forty or fifty years. 

Is he up to it? I really don’t know but I have complete confidence that if he moves forward step by step, does not waver in his responsibilities as Bishop, and if he holds complete fidelity to the Magisterium of the Church, God Himself will move those gates. I think it’s very important for Christians, especially Catholics, to do whatever they can to encourage the Archbishop in the monumental task which he seems to be considering. 

The March 2008 controversy died down shortly thereafter. At no time did we hear the mention of Justin Trudeau's name. We didn’t hear anything else from Ottawa’s Archbishop until a couple months later when he splashed across the headlines of LifeSiteNews again with powerful comments made at a private Catholic college in Barry’s Bay, ON related to the papal encyclical Humanae Vitae. Subsequent events in his Archdiocese have revealed though that this Bishop has gained no ground in “preaching about the moral evil of contraception” or the perversions springing from it. No pastoral document on Humanae Vitae emerged. In fact no news reports can be found to indicate that he undertook any diocesan-wide campaigns to win Catholic allegiance to the papal directive, amongst either clergy or laity.

Fast forward about six years to January 2014 which is the next time the Archbishop draws a spotlight due to controversy. My blog posting entitled Ottawa Archbishop Prendergast: Why Is Pseudo-Catholicism Flourishing In Your Archdiocese? outlines the scandalous character of St. Basil’s parish in Ottawa which surfaced around the end of 2013. In my posting I could only say what was obvious to so many faithful Catholics:

Clearly, this Archbishop is all talk and no action, to the detriment of the souls under his charge. When will he rise up with God given courage and set his own house in order? Honestly, I’m heartsick over cowardly (or incompetent) Bishops who, when push comes to shove, fail to exercise their full God-given authority in defense of the Catholic faith. By their actions they show themselves ashamed of the Holy Faith and not worthy of their posts and will face the wrath of God for the loss of souls to Hell under their watch. I hope Archbishop Prendergast does not prove himself to be one of these. Let us pray that he picks up the pieces and recovers his Archdiocese from the clutches of the Devil while he still can.

In all this time since Archbishop Prendergast’s initial comments in 2008 regarding the denial of Holy Communion to pro-abortion Catholic politicians we heard absolutely nothing to my knowledge from the Archbishop about Justin Trudeau, even though Justin was an MP living in Ottawa since June 2013, two months after he became the leader of the Liberal Party and on the fast track to running for Canada’s Prime Minister. Yet the record of scandal centered in Trudeau’s rhetoric had been heaping up for years. As far back as 2001 the handwriting was on the wall. In a speech for the papal World Youth Day promo, the Toronto Star reported, "Trudeau recounted his struggles with the strict tenets of Catholicism." Indeed, Justin Trudeau was his father’s twin on Catholic social teachings pertaining to abortion, divorce, homosexuality and same sex “marriage.”

He has since advocated for expanded abortion access in Canada, specifically in PEI, as well as for funding abortion internationally to “reduce poverty.” He is also in favour of advancing transgender rights, permissive euthanasia and easy access to drugs.

In 2009 Trudeau himself openly acknowledged that his views are contrary to Catholic teaching in an interview with CBC.  “As a politician I have political positions on gay marriage and on abortion that don’t at all resemble those of the Catholic Church,”

In a LifeSite news article from 2012 entitled Trudeau’s last stand: unrestricted abortion or he’s gone Patrick Craine asks:

My question out of all of this is: in light of the growing evidence of the younger Trudeau’s extreme pro-abortion views, how long will Catholic leaders continue to prop up his leadership prospects?

During the last fifteen years what were Canada’s Catholic Bishops saying and doing in regard to Justin Trudeau’s renegade behavior? What were they doing to deal with his soul? Apparently because Trudeau wasn’t making too much noise and faithful Catholics who were calling for action were few and far between the Bishops calculated that no action was required. But does any thinking Catholic really suppose that Justin Trudeau, who has always claimed to take his faith seriously, hasn’t also been receiving Holy Communion at Mass and committing long standing sacrilege?

Only when Trudeau made the outrageous ruling in May of 2014 that all Liberal MP`s had to tow the party line on a “woman`s right to choose” did he get some pushback from a handful of Bishops. However, it was relatively timid correction in light of Trudeau`s long history of fierce defiance of Catholic teaching. Yet still, no Catholic Bishop was taking concrete steps to do battle with Goliath in accord with the provisions of Canon 915 and to dissipate the scandal and put the matter to rest. As a result I blogged on May 15, 2014 under the title “What Catholic Bishop Is Watching Over Justin Trudeau’s Soul?” and proposed the application of Canon law as per the instruction and example of Corpus Christi’s Bishop Emeritus Rene Henry Gracida.

If you follow my argument thus far, perhaps you’ll take a few minutes and read this document to see how respectful, loving, orderly and effective the process can be to restore public sinners to repentance or at least curb the scandal, maintain a virtuous Church and keep our children safe from conception through to birth.

Again, news reports by July of 2014 gave no indication that Catholic Bishops were yet taking the concrete steps necessary. In reaction to Trudeau’s suppression of the (pro-life) conscience rights of fellow MP’s Archbishop Prendergast had issued a pastoral letter on May 16 entitled “Being in Communion with the Catholic Church on Moral Issues”(nowhere to be found on Archdiocesan site). However, once again he did not address Trudeau personally and took no definitive action to censure him in accordance with official Roman Catholic Canon law. Furthermore there was no indication up to that point that a meeting between Archbishop Prendergast and Justin Trudeau had even taken place.

In a post entitled Canada’s Bishops Fiddle While Justin’s Star Rises and dated July 1, 2014 my first observation was:

Some pundits laugh when the suggestion is made that Justin Trudeau might one day be Prime Minister of Canada. He’s just too much of a pretty boy, not ready for prime time.

And finished with this one,

And for the good of Canada’s future, saving Trudeau’s soul ought to be a top priority with the Bishops.

Between July 2014 and the election of Justin Trudeau in October past, there is no record of any action taken by Archbishop Prendergast to deal with the scandal and outrage of this pseudo-catholic renegade or to assist him in the salvation of his soul.

Now that Justin Trudeau is Canada’s new Prime Minister the scandal has taken on nuclear dimensions, metaphorically speaking, with a resultant huge mushroom cloud beginning to form over Canada. Whereas the Bishops of Canada had years to deal with a renegade MP with very minimal political clout and influence, they now have to face a very powerful—even untouchable—national leader who has shown great disdain for the Catholic faith and its entire leadership. Thanks to a majority government he is now capable of extreme and longstanding damage to the common good of Canada, much as his father similarly demonstrated.

How terrible will be the judgement of God upon these shepherds for their inaction to date. The only question that remains is, “Will Archbishop Prendergast yet satisfy the demands of Christ, redress the pressing scandal and put the matter to rest according to Church law?” Perhaps another question ought to be asked: “How much more time will God grant the Archbishop to follow through on his duty?”

Part 2 to follow 

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