Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Tormented Catholic Writes to Ottawa Archbishop Prendergast

Cardinal Raymond Burke
In a posting entitled  Gay Apostasy Subverts and Paralyzes the Canadian Catholic Church dated July 1, 2015 I republished an article from the 90’s dealing with the treason of Canada’s clerics. The trigger for the posting was a scandal emanating from Archbishop Prendergast’s archdiocese, specifically that of an openly homosexual Ottawa priest, Andre Samson, who had scathing, public criticism for Cardinal Raymond Burke who was visiting Canada and ironically was being hosted by Archbishop Prendergast himself. In a recent post of weighty import I expressed dismay that the Archbishop did not publicly rebuke his own “openly homosexual” priest for his outrageous insults.

A fellow Catholic, also tormented by this incident and others, wrote the following letter to Archbishop Prendergast on June 11, 2015 and I reprint it with that person’s permission and with very minor changes for the sake of readability.


Subject: Another serpent in the church

When is the hierarchy of the Church going to step up and take care of clergy who defy Church teaching instituted by God? They defile other clergy for standing firm in Church Teaching; they are like serpents spreading vile and foul poison and trying to brainwash people to accept evil. 

Sodomy can never be accepted; it always was, is and always will be evil; it deserves no compassion, mercy or tolerance.  People who are prone to sodomy need therapy first to deal with their evil behaviour, and then they need to repent. 

Why is the church spreading false mercy?  The faithful are getting sick and tired of what is happening. We have a wishy-washy version of Truth being spread everywhere in the name of a false 'mercy and compassion.'  When will this stop and when will the Church leaders finally start leading? We are crying out to God for help every day at the lack of true compassion, mercy from our clergy.  Does no one fear God anymore?

How dare this 'Father' insult in a disgusting way, Cardinal Burke, who stands firm for God, for the Church and Her Teaching?  Thank God for Cardinal Burke, Archbishop Cordileone; if it was not for clergy like them, many people would be leaving the church.

When will the hierarchy start hearing their people?  We are abandoned by our shepherds, why are you all wearing blindfolds and earplugs???

We are crying out to God every day to intervene; our churches are full of dissident Catholics who in the wink of an eye will turn on us. The Holy Eucharist is exposed to blasphemy and sacrilege at almost every Mass.  What is wrong with you people, do you even believe in God or is this just a job for you?

We the faithful Catholics INSIST that Fr. Samson be defrocked and every clergy like him.   How is it even possible for a priest to have a sexual orientation; do you no longer take a vow of celibacy?  If so, then there is no orientation except celibacy!!! 

The Church is crumbling from within and unless our clergy step up to their vocations we will see a disaster. Thank God we have our Lord's eternal words to sustain us and give us strength, "the gates of hell will not prevail against the Church." If we did not have these words we would have all given up as we see hell within our churches already.



Lawrence and Susan Fox said...

Excellent Letter! Thanks for publishing it! Susan Fox

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Thanks for stopping by and reading it!