Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Canada's Confused Catholic Bishops Pitch Deadly Deception On Islam

Over at Rorate Caeli we have further evidence of the betrayal and destructive behaviour of Canada's Catholic Bishops. In an article entitled Catholics and Islam by John R. T. Lamont, the charge is made that for much of the West, Catholic Bishops have "misled the faithful on the nature of Islam and the relationship between terrorist extremism and the main tenets of the Muslim religion."

Lamont cites the example of the Canadian Bishops who recently issued a pamphlet whose stated purpose is to 'help Canadian Catholics better understand their Muslim neighbours.' Signed by none other than Archbishop Paul-AndrĂ© Durocher, the pamphlet gives
Catholics a false conception of the nature and teachings of Islam. This is done more by omitting facts than by making false statements about Muslim belief, although such falsehoods are to be found in the pamphlet. 
Lamont then goes on to list the principal omissions, which are eye opening to say the least. He summarizes by saying
Omission of the above facts about Islam gives Catholic[s] an incorrect and dangerous conception of the nature of Muslim religion. 
Thanks to Lamont,
This exposure of the deceptions of the CCCB document enables us to identify the main features of Islam that are a deadly threat to Catholics. They are the ambition to destroy and replace Christianity, the understanding of sharia law as divinely revealed, and the belief that Mohammed was sinless and a perfect exemplar of Muslim behaviour. 
With the proper perspective now being supplied, we can truly provide an answer on how to 'help Canadian Catholics better understand their Muslim neighbours.'
Having examined the real character of Islam, we can give a correct answer to the question of how Canadian and other Catholics should understand and relate to their Muslim neighbours. The only way in which Catholics can promote the ‘harmonious relationship’ with Muslims that Archbishop Durocher calls for is by convincing them that the dangerous features of Islam mentioned above are not in fact true and should not be acted upon.
Lamont wants to know how and why the CCCB can practice such a deception:
How is it that this document can offer a careful falsification of the nature of Islam, a falsification that seems to have been designed to leave Catholics in ignorance of the threat that traditional Islam poses, and in consequence to disarm them in the face of that threat?
He posits an answer tied to the modernist beliefs of Archbishop Durocher:
The answer to this question lies in the outlook held by Archbishop Durocher. When he was speaking at a press conference at the recent session of the Synod on the Family, he was asked if the question of giving communion to divorced and civilly remarried Catholics concerned doctrine or discipline. He replied ‘If you want doctrine, go read Denzinger’. Such a remark could only be made by someone who holds the content of Catholic doctrine, and the very notion of Catholic doctrine itself, in contempt. This neomodernist outlook on the Catholic faith is not restricted to Archbishop Durocher; it is the dominant culture within the leadership of the Catholic Church in Canada, and is the basis of the interfaith and ecumenical activities of the CCCB. For example, Fr. Damian Macpherson S.A., a member of the National Christian Muslim Liaison Committee of the CCCB, has stated that ‘The Roman Catholic Church does not proselytize, that is, actively seek the conversion of others. The Catholic Church, on the other hand, is committed to active evangelization and those who respond are welcomed as members of the Catholic Church’.
The true significance of this document produced by corrupt* Catholic Bishops is to highlight the continued and effective betrayal of Canada's Catholic faithful.
As has been shown, the CCCB document carefully conceals those aspects of Islam that pose a real danger to Catholics. This deception betrays those very numerous Christians who are now suffering and dying at the hands of Islamic persecutors, and it facilitates the further persecution of Christians by concealing the nature of the threat that they face. In doing this, neomodernism lets its mask slip for anyone with knowledge of Islam, and shows its malice and its origin. 
Read it all. Get your eyes opened a little wider.

*corrupt: make impure by adding a foreign or inferior substance; often by replacing valuable ingredients with inferior ones; lacking in integrity; imperfect, not perfect; defective or inadequate

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