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Why Is Judie Brown Of American Life League Hopping Mad?

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Judie Brown of American Life League is hopping mad. I totally understand why. It’s time for many more Catholics to get hopping mad. It won’t be a day too soon.

So Judy, you’ve caught my attention. I’m interested…and curious. Please tell us what your new strategy will be.

Here’s some of what her email said:

Dear Friend of Life, 

Pro-abortion 'Catholic' politicians like Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry and Andrew Cuomo ought to be ashamed of themselves.

So should their bishops----Cardinal Wuerl of Washington, DC, Cardinal O'Malley of Boston and Cardinal Dolan of New York!

How dare these politicians vote for abortion and Planned Parenthood time after time after time?

And how dare their bishops not discipline them, thereby scandalizing and demoralizing good Catholics?

You bet I'm mad at both. I'm angry for all the babies who die while 'Catholic' politicians and bishops hobnob and dine and issue statements about peace and justice all the while the holocaust of the unborn goes on, directly aided and abetted by their action and inaction.

The blood of the babies is on the hands of the pro-abortion politicians for their sins of commission! The blood of the babies is on the hands of the bishops for their sins of omission!

This isn't that hard, really.

Earlier in my own life, abortion was illegal.

And Catholics who wanted to go into public life as politicians, or those called to the priesthood and were elevated to becoming bishops, knew that abortion was always and everywhere wrong and anyone who voted for it or participated in this crime would be excommunicated, denied communion, and denied all of the Sacraments until they repented of their evil ways!

This is in fact the most merciful way to help sinners change, so that they don't burn in the fires of hell!

At American Life League, we have been fighting every day since 1979 to end abortion. We are scandalized that the American bishops of the Catholic Church are not doing their job! It is within my rights as a Catholic to first ask, and then demand that our shepherds, our bishops take action now!

For decades we complained about Mario Cuomo and Teddy Kennedy, as two of the earliest prominent pro-abortion 'Catholic' politicians. Their horrible track records of voting for abortion and for Planned Parenthood's filthy and evil ways were a matter of public record. Despite that, they were celebrated by their bishops and were ultimately buried with full honors in a Catholic Church, with their respective Cardinals watching on.

And since they weren't corrected, admonished, shunned and excommunicated, their sinful support of abortion and Planned Parenthood is now touted and expanded by their own kids and family members!

A whole new generation of Cuomos and Kennedy 'Catholics' are in public life right now voting for and advocating for abortion and Planned Parenthood!

Had only Ted Kennedy and Andrew Cuomo's bishops acted then, maybe their progeny----and millions more American Catholics----would have said "I don't want to be embarrassed and excommunicated like Mario Cuomo and Ted Kennedy. There must be something seriously wrong with supporting abortion and Planned Parenthood. I'll find out more, and do more, and I'll be pro-life."

But that didn't happen! What a shame! What a wasted opportunity of saving so many souls! How many Catholics were led astray, putting their own immortal souls in jeopardy!

Don't tell me it didn't matter then, or doesn't matter now. In fact, today, if you ask 'sweet, Church-going little old ladies' from Ted Kennedy's home state of Massachusetts about him, they'll tell you what a wonderful man he was. And good-hearted New York Catholics still say what a fine man Mario Cuomo was, so why not vote for his son Andrew?

Since the bishops didn't speak, the people in the pews think abortion and Planned Parenthood are a-ok!

And the only one saying it's not ok is American Life League and a few other voices crying in the wilderness! Enough is enough! It's time for the American bishops to put their mouth where their money is and come out in favor of LIFE!

I love my fellow Americans and my fellow Catholics too much to let these sins that cry out to heaven for justice go on any longer. I have followed biblical precepts of approaching pro-abortion 'Catholic' politicians and bishops quietly and privately first, and then returning with others to persuade and point out the error of their ways.

But they're not listening! So now, we must do like the bible says, and expose them for what they are until they change or get out of the way of righteousness! As Christ Himself counseled us to do:

If another member of the church sins against you, go and point out the fault when the two of you are alone. If the member listens to you, you have regained that one. But if you are not listened to, take one or two others along with you, so that every word may be confirmed by the evidence of two or three witnesses. If the member refuses to listen to them, tell it to the church; and if the offender refuses to listen even to the church, let such a one be to you as a Gentile and a tax collector. ---- Matthew 18:15-17

In short, all Catholic politicians must vote against abortion and against Planned Parenthood funding, and if they don't, Catholic bishops must act swiftly and publically to explain why what they are doing is wrong and declare them excommunicated, to save all other Catholics from being led astray.

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