Sunday, June 15, 2014

Catholic Bishops of Canada Helped Pave The Way For Global Communion In The Hand

Strange timing in a way: Last week Michael Voris unveiled  a shocking expose on the deceit foisted upon American Catholics by liberal Bishops in the 70’s who wanted to ram Holy Communion in the hand upon the faithful. At the same time Monsignor Vincent Foy was honoured at a special 75th Anniversary ordination celebration in Toronto where he was toasted in a homily by Cardinal Collins for his perseverance in calling Canada’s Bishops to orthodoxy, not only in regard to the rejection of Humanae Vitae by way of the Winnipeg Statement, but also in regard to the imposition in Canada of Holy Communion in the hand. Msgr. Foy was a fierce opponent of this practice, warning of its dangerous consequences and claiming that it was “introduced by deceit in the USA and Toronto.”

It appears that Canadian Bishops were one of the first, if not the very first, to start agitating for this permission from Rome. No doubt their success inspired and emboldened certain US Bishops to keep pushing for their permission.

Watch the Michael Voris expose here.

You may wish to get more background on the issue here before watching the video above.

P.S. The reader may say, "But we don't hear much conversation these days about this subject. Are any others talking about it? Surely there must be some prominent voice today sounding a warning." Yes, there is.

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