Friday, June 06, 2014

Catholic Bishops Powerless To Stop Euthanasia In Quebec

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How many of the 94 MNA’s who voted today for Bill 52 are Catholic? How many will present themselves for Holy Communion this Sunday?

If a defenceless little child growing in its mother’s womb may be viciously assaulted, torn to pieces and suctioned out of existence, all in the name of women’s healthcare, why would we be surprised when grandpa can be put out of his pain and misery by the same doctors in the same hospital who wish to provide him with “medical aid in dying”?

Respect for life in Canada has never recovered since the killing of preborns was approved under law in 1969. In actuality, respect for life took its biggest hit when the Catholic Bishops gave the go-ahead to Canadians in 1966 to use contraception since, they noted, laws restricting it might actually be contrary to the common good!

Hence, in their opinion [Canadian Catholic Bishops], legislation on contraceptives was an example where it did “not serve the common good to translate moral law into civil laws.” Thus they declared that they would not oppose changes in the legislation on contraceptives if “safeguards against irresponsible sales and advertising... were provided” and if personal freedom was protected. Indeed they went on to say, “we could easily envisage an active cooperation and even leadership on the part of lay Catholics to change a law which under present conditions they might well judge to be harmful to public order and to the common good.” October Brief 1966

Father Paul Marx, O.S.B., Nov.17th, 1979:

I told His Holiness that once contraception is widespread, the rest is predictable, and I spelled it out for him: In every country, contraception always leads to massive abortion. Once you have contraception and legalized or widespread abortion, birthrates fall; nations collapse; young people follow their parents in the abuse of sex; increasing numbers live together without benefit of marriage; adoption agencies dry up because some 90% of pregnant teenagers who do not abort keep their babies and thus start single-parent families; the prostitution of the medical and legal professions follows; venereal disease escalates; infertility increases; and, if you can kill before birth, why can't you kill after birth? So euthanasia is inevitable.

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