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FLASHBACK: Archbishop Collins Please Redress Schwarzenegger-McGuinty Scandal

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This is a timely reprint of a press release issued in June 2007 dealing with the ongoing scandal in Canada of Catholic politicians defying Church teaching and the indifference/inaction of Catholic Bishops on the matter.

Vote Life, Canada! Calls on Toronto Archbishop to Redress Scandal Surrounding Governor Schwarzenegger's Stem Cell Deal with Ontario Premier McGuinty

MEDIA ADVISORY, June 4 /Christian Newswire/ -- "The scandal caused in Canada and the US by so-called 'devout' Catholic politicians who defy the true Catholic faith reached new depths of disgrace last week," says Eric Alcock, President of Vote Life,Canada!

Even as Governor Schwarzenegger met with Premier McGuinty to contract a deal which underwrites $30 million in public funds for the willful destruction of embryonic human beings, both politicians brazenly affirmed a staunch Catholic faith.

Catholic teaching condemns embryonic stem cell research (ESCR) as a crime against the dignity of embryonic human beings since they have a right to the same respect as the child already born. Furthermore, Alcock noted, "ESCR is a worse crime than abortion since no mother sets out from the beginning to abort her child whereas ESCR always envisions the purposeful, willful destruction of human life at the embryonic stage."

"Canada has descended a path of barbarism and secularism, even sponsoring the monstrous evil of abortion, thanks to a succession of 'devout' Catholic politicians and Prime Ministers," says Alcock. "Their testimony confirms the spiritual apathy and neglect of Canada's Bishops, practically all of whom continue the cowardly policy of leaving the defense of innocent Unborns to a persecuted minority of 'fundamentalist' pro-lifers."

Ironically, Alcock disclosed that in Toronto on the same day of Schwarzenegger's and McGuinty's scandalizing actions, Toronto's Archbishop Collins was delivering a speech entitled "The Contribution of Religion to Society." One point the Archbishop made was that religion contributes to the common good of society by bringing to bear on current social issues the insights arising from religion's ancient heritage of wisdom.

Alcock also pointed to an interview in December past when Archbishop Collins inferred that he would not rule out excommunication for politicians who defied Church teaching. Father Raymond J. de Souza judged in an article in the National Post that "the sheer size of Toronto and its status as the nation's media capital make the Archbishop the sine qua non of the Church's presence in Canadian public life."

Therefore, for the sake of Canada's Unborn, Vote Life, Canada! calls on Archbishop Collins to reverse the trend of deadly silence among the Bishops, to immediately and publicly address this scandal through reaffirming Church teaching on ESCR and to initiate Church Canon law discipline for all professing Catholics who refuse to make their consciences correct with Magisterial teaching, starting with Premier Dalton McGuinty.

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