Saturday, June 14, 2014

Are Catholic Liberals Uppity And Sanctimonious?

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"Did you ever wonder why there are so many liberal causes pushed so hard by so many in the Catholic Church these days? Here’s why. Because liberal causes like fighting climate change give the guilty unfaithful a place to shelve their guilt. That interior voice nagging their consciences is in need of a place of refuge so they find other causes besides repentance to feel good about themselves because repentance would mean a change in their lives and the turning away from sin…a “conversio”. Ever wonder why they get so uppity and sanctimonious about their causes? Because they have to make themselves feel superior to the actual faithful in the hopes that their consciences will quiet down. That’s why they get so uppity and superior about their causes.  They pour themselves into earthly man centered issues because they have neglected the spiritual."

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