Thursday, November 02, 2006

More on Fr. Raymond Gravel...updated!

I blogged previously here and here about the Quebec priest, Father Raymond Gravel, who is making a run for politics in the Bloc Quebecois party.

Fr. Gravel's drama is unfolding and once again it's obvious that it is more a scandal of the Bishop than the priest.

Stefan at has a great update and adds commentary and further perspective. Rightly so, he raises the question of Pope Benedict XVI's role and responsibility in this Canadian Catholic outrage.

But best of all I believe he makes an oft-neglected and excellent point in his conclusion when he states:
I'm not in favor of e-mail storms. I feel like saying that if you haven't yet publicly made your Profession of Faith, don't bother asking your superiors how come they are not doing their job. Do yours first.

Amen! Stefan.

That's putting out a challenge to all those Catholics who are voicing concern but who, perhaps, have not stopped to realize that the first step to a solution is to make plain and public their own profession of faith.

Mine is here.

Stefan's article cuts to the chase and links up to some other very relevant analysis contained in his resource website. Be sure to click through on his article and the other links you find there.

Update Nov 3
Yesterday's edition of The Catholic Register,
"Canada's Catholic news source," reports on the story and reiterates the "painful situation" described by the Bishop.
No questions commentary.
I guess the Bishop's statement now puts the whole issue to rest.
The Catholic Register is peculiarly "unCatholic" in its omissions.
Part of the solution or part of the problem?

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