Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Baptists, Birth Control and Talk Radio

Albert Mohler is a Baptist. In fact he’s currently the president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary-the flagship school of the Southern Baptist Convention and one of the largest seminaries in the world.

Dr. Mohler came to my attention over a year ago when I discovered that he had written an article challenging evangelicals (and Baptists) to engage in a good debate and discussion centered on the moral issue of contraception. In fact he stated that an increasing number of Protestants were raising concerns about the relative silence of their churches on this issue.

About the same time he opined himself that deliberate childlessness among Christian couples is "moral rebellion" and "an absolute revolt against God's design."

Sadly, Dr. Mohler was right when he also said: “Thus, in an ironic turn, American evangelicals are rethinking birth control even as a majority of the nation's Roman Catholics indicate a rejection of their Church's teaching.”

It seems to me that it is somewhat rare today to find Christian leaders who are able to balance faith and reason in the context of their own cultures. Dr. Mohler hosts a daily radio talk show, as well as a website and blog and overall seems to have achieved just such a balance.

He’ll certainly challenge you to think your way through your Christian walk. One of Dr. Mohler’s recent talk shows dealt with the contraceptive culture. It’s certainly worth a listen.

To take other examples of Albert Mohler’s claim that Baptists and Evangelicals are aligning themselves in greater numbers to traditional (and scriptural) Christian teaching on birth control, check out this fundamental Baptist site.

Shades of Dr. John R. Rice!!!

This pastor is dead serious in his preaching against reproductive “innovations” such as contraception and in vitro fertilization.

These are audio files of his Sunday morning messages and I believe the man deserves credit for doing his homework. If you'd like to, you can download the mp3 files from this page and listen to them when you get the time. These messages will also challenge you to think.

Warning: Fundamental Baptists seem to have an entirely offensive manner of constantly castigating the Catholic Church and so there may be some negative references in these messages, but try to overlook that. After all, whether the preacher acknowledges it or not, he’s preaching the pure Catholic faith in these two sermons!

Another very illuminating article, Evangelical Group's Motto: Breed to Succeed that I stumbled upon just today takes the reader through a vast array of insights on the growing opposition by certain groups of Christians to contraception and how they see it’s tragic effects on our present day society. Excellent reading here too, so be sure to take advantage of this helpful summary.

All in all, fruitful endeavours...and long overdue!

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