Sunday, November 26, 2006

Message to the Conservative Party of Canada


Hey, and why not all questionnaires for that matter!

According to the Conservative Party will not allow candidates to answer pro-life questionnaires.

Mr. Harper, don’t we believe in transparency, or do we have something to hide?

Does the Conservative Party of Canada have something to hide? Can our elected representatives not be permitted or trusted to speak out on issues which concern life and death for thousands and thousands of our fellow Canadians? Abortion takes the lives of over 100,000 innocent human beings each year in Canada.

Is this not therefore the gravest injustice taking place in our land every day? Don’t the people who elected these candidates deserve a clear response on a question of such tragic proportions?

Along with Big Blue Wave, I call upon all Canadians to let the Conservative Party of Canada know that this matter is a great distress to you.

Who is a representative? Is it not someone who represents us; someone who embodies our wishes, our values, our hopes and our dreams? How are we to arrive at a useful (and genuine) form of democratic, representative government if the leader(s) of a party wishes to obscure or distort the will of large segments of society by taping shut the mouths of those who represent those segments?

Isn’t this really the same kind of thing the Liberals did recently in order to bring same sex marriage into law? Granted it may not be exactly the same formula but the essence of the offense is the same: prevent representatives from representing their districts at a point when it is crucial to the future of our country for their voices to be understood and heard.

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